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Rosmini Basketball dominates at Intermediate finals

Rosmini Basketball dominates at Intermediate finals

It was a record-breaking night as Rosmini College basketball players played in 11 finals during Harbour Basketball's finals night. 

The night concluded with six champions (including the top league), six silver medals, and three bronze finishes.

Rosmini Bulls - IntB1
Rosmini Spurs - IntB3
Rosmini Bucks - IntB7
Rosmini Mavericks - IntB11
Rosmini Thunder - IntB12
Rosmini Nets - IntBD2C

Rosmini Jazz - IntB3
Rosmini Lakers - IntB2
Rosmini Knicks - IntB5
Rosmini Pacers - IntB8
Rosmini Grizzlies - BoysDiv2A
Rosmini Timberwolves - IntBD2G

It was a great night for our young basketball players at all levels and we are looking forward to the restart next term with Semester Two.

Congratulations to all the players, coaches and supporters involved.