Enrol for 2025

Year 7 Enrolments

Parents wishing to apply for a place in Year 7 should apply by 4 June.

At Year 7, preferential enrolment is given to Catholic pupils wishing to enter the school from the five contributing Catholic Primary Schools on the North Shore.

  • St John’s, Mairangi Bay
  • St Joseph’s, Takapuna
  • St Leo’s, Devonport
  • St Mary’s, Northcote
  • Stella Maris, Silverdale

Please enrol online through the link below.

Parents whose sons are not attending the contributing schools are invited to enrol online also. Applications are due by 5 July.

Any places remaining in Year 7 after we have accepted boys from the contributing schools are allocated according to our Enrolment Scheme. Enrolment is confirmed by email.

Year 8 - 13 Enrolments

Parents wishing to apply for places in Years 8 - 13 should apply by 5 July

Only a limited number of places are available in any year and parents may not be informed until November whether their application has been successful.

All applications should be made in the year preceding attendance as the College does not carry a waiting list.

If you prefer to complete a paper enrolment form these can be found here and can be emailed or posted to the school, along with the required documentation (Preference Certificate, ICT Acceptable Use Policy, Rosmini Terms & Conditions, Attendance Dues).

For all enrolment enquiries please contact Eunice Barnard on 09 488 3750 or email [email protected]