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Heads of Department

Karen BellisDrama[email protected]
Mike BroomeTechnology[email protected]
David CrawleySocial Studies[email protected]
Kuniko CrosbyJapanese[email protected]
Eric ElgoyhenFrench[email protected]
Olivia FernandesReligious Education[email protected]
Daniel FoongDigital Tech[email protected]
Tony HillPhysical Education, Acting Assistant Principal[email protected]
Trevor JonesMathematics[email protected]
Vanessa KayMusic[email protected]
Navin KumarCommerce[email protected]
Justin-Leigh ManuelArt[email protected]
Craig MoverleyGeography[email protected]
Stig RoschmannSocial Studies[email protected]
Joelle TaitEnglish, Acting Assistant Principal[email protected]
Sue van der SpuyFood Tech[email protected]
Sian WaiteEAL[email protected]
Geoff WoodHealth, Science[email protected]
Eleanor SnowsillActing Assistant Principal[email protected]
Peter Keeling​Acting Assistant Principal[email protected]

Support Staff

Sandra Davidson
Office[email protected]
Helen Meurant
PA to the Headmaster[email protected]
Sharron Miers
Office[email protected]
Dena Pryde
Office[email protected]
Rhys Edwards
Director of Sport
[email protected]
Karyn Parle
Sports Coordinator
[email protected]
Gemma Lalor
Accounts[email protected]
Moay Lee
Accounts[email protected]
John Lis
Finance Manager[email protected]
Mine De Belder
SENCO Learning Support[email protected]
Owen Hughes
Student Mentor[email protected]
Rebecca McMonagle
Library[email protected]
Lynette O'Loughlin
Library[email protected]
Patricia Tan
Music[email protected]
Travis Lester
Property Manager[email protected]
Simone Groves
Communications[email protected]