Rosmini College Uniform

All pupils at Rosmini are required to wear correct uniform at school, while travelling to and from school and when attending school functions. To ensure consistency, please purchase from authorised stockists Jan Bells School Uniforms or Yarntons. Non-regulation uniform items may be confiscated.

Year 7-11: Navy blue shorts, royal blue polo with school emblem and navy jersey with school emblem.

Year 12 and 13: Navy blue shorts, pale blue polo with school emblem and navy jersey with school emblem. Regulation long mid-grey trousers may be worn as an alternative to shorts. To ensure uniformity, we ask that trousers are also only purchased from our Rosmini uniform stockists.

Year 13: Dress uniform is to be worn on Mondays, Fridays and special occasions – Rosmini blazer, tie, white shirt, long grey trousers, plain black lace-up shoes.

Footwear: Black leather sandals with a heel strap or black leather lace-up shoes. Trainers, sports shoes, or canvas shoes are not part of the school uniform. School shoes should be worn with navy school socks.

Second hand uniforms 

Working together with Kindo, Rosmini College PTFA offers you a simple and quick way to purchase second hand uniform items, and support fundraisers, at a time that suits you. Second hand uniforms are available via the Kindo Shop. Sales are open in the first two weeks of every term and processed at the end of week three, for students to collect when notified.
Donations of current school uniforms, in good condition, are welcomed. Please drop them into the school office in the last week of each term.

P.E Uniform at Rosmini

If you need to purchase new P.E uniform for your son, you can do this through our new supplier, Dynasty. The link to the purchasing site for the uniform is on the Dynasty Store. All uniforms ordered will be delivered to your home address.

The P.E shorts are also used for various junior sports teams and zone days so your son will be able to use these in the various sports codes offered at the school.

Please check the Dynasty sizing chart to ensure you are purchasing the right size for your son. If you would like your son to try the garment on for sizing purposes prior to purchasing, you can do this by coming to student services at school and seeing Ms Pryde.

Also, if you are unsure what your son’s house colour is, reception has a record of the house allocations and can give you this information. For clarification, the houses and respective house colours are listed below:

Curran House – Blue 
Emery House – Green
Kelly House – Gold
Liston House – Red

Please note, P.E uniform is the above Dynasty reversible shirts, and shorts, but if you have the older Onu equivalent, that is also ok. However, mufti sports gear, or non-P.E Rosmini shirts/shorts are NOT acceptable P.E uniform. This standard is true for years 7-10, and will be enforced strongly from the start of the 2023 school year.