Special Programs at Rosmini College
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Experience excellence, discover diversity, and soar to new heights at Rosmini College

At Rosmini College, we're not just a school; we're a community of global citizens shaping a brighter future together. Our special programs are designed to inspire, challenge, and empower students to become compassionate leaders of change.

"One Foot in the Clouds" Project

A Rosmini led project to increase students’ engagement in technical and theoretical subject content.

Over the last five years Rosmini College has been engaging students in technical and theoretical subjects using practical projects. This was originally based on rocketry and involved students building all paper rockets powered by hobby sized motors. This grew and expanded to the point where our students are now designing and firing rockets with their own design and build telemetry along with the simpler duration type rockets. We average about 100 to 150 launches per year. This is driven by the benefits of linking practical application and theory.

Along with the Rocketry program we introduced a radio-controlled aircraft program where students build kitset planes using traditional balsa construction and electronically controlled motors. Students involved in this program receive instruction and support from RC builders from the local community and develop project management, communication, practical fabrication, and physics skills. Students who have the right aptitude can go on to to be involved in the advanced projects that require support from local universities and aviation industries. This includes building a full-sized 2-seat all-aluminium light aircraft. This is being build for a client and in exchange for our involvement the client is funding flight training time for the students.

Of the original 14 students involved in the build, all aged 16 to 17 years, eight are now studying engineering at Auckland University. One is studying aerospace engineering at Sydney North University in Australia. One is now training with the NZ Air Force having received a Prime Minister’s award for Trade Training. Three of the younger students won a national engineering competition and have been offered internships with a New Zealand based company involved in launching spacecraft.

These projects will continue to grow and expand.

"Over the Back Fence" Project

Imagine a place where students from around the world unite to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability. At Rosmini College, this vision becomes a reality through our unique "Over the Back Fence" project.

Since 2004, this program has been a cornerstone of our global citizenship education. It nurtures an appreciation for cultural richness and fosters collaborative efforts to make our local community and the world a better place. 

Join us in this transformative journey, where students become ambassadors of change, embracing different perspectives and working together for a harmonious global future.

The Ocean That Connects Us

TOTCUS (The Ocean that Connects Us) was started in May 2022, connecting 35 students from Punta Arenas, Patagonia, Chile, and Rosmini College to work on a climate change inquiry concerning the, Pacific Ocean. Since then it has grown immensely with over 140 students from eight countries, including Easter Island, Peru, United States of America, Singapore, South Korea, India and Finland. 

TOTCUS not only provides the student an opportunity to research an aspect of climate change in their group, but also develop skills of collaboration, empathy and respect for others and the environment, as well as learn about other cultures and geography. 

Maori Cultural experiences

At Rosmini College, we believe in the power of cultural awareness. That's why we offer Maori Cultural Experiences to International Students as part of our Global Citizenship Education program. 

These experiences allow our international students to engage with the indigenous Maori culture of New Zealand, fostering cross-cultural understanding and respect. By immersing themselves in Maori traditions, history, values, and customs, students broaden their perspectives and create a more inclusive and harmonious global community. 

Our commitment to these experiences reflects our dedication to nurturing culturally sensitive and globally aware individuals.

Through these initiatives, we inspire curiosity, creativity, and a sense of global citizenship, preparing our students to make a significant impact on the world around them. Join us in embracing these extraordinary opportunities that only Rosmini College can offer in New Zealand.

Embark on a remarkable journey at Rosmini College, where global citizenship becomes a way of life. Our institution opens doors to boundless opportunities for a brighter future. Experience the transformative power of education and cultural exchange as we nurture the growth of compassionate leaders. Join us and discover a world of possibilities awaiting you at Rosmini College.