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Te Awhi Rito Reading Ambassador visits Rosmini

Te Awhi Rito Reading Ambassador visits Rosmini

This month we were lucky enough to have Te Awhi Rito Reading Ambassador Alan Dingley come and speak to our Year 9 and 10 students about reading, creating a reading culture and the importance of having reading role models. 

Alan spoke with the boys about his own experiences at school, as well as his love of sports. He retold stories about his reading role model, his grandfather, who would read with him regularly and then tell him stories about his time as a pilot during WW2. 

It was very interesting to hear how Alan emphasised the importance of creating an environment for reading, having family members who role model reading and an environment of positivity around reading.

Alan engaged the boys through questioning and examples of books which hooked him as a teenager and then nurtured his love of reading into adulthood.

It was interesting to hear Alan remind the boys that there are so many books out there, that they should choose to read what interests them and not to persevere with a book they are not enjoying.  Thank you Alan, for a powerful presentation.