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Media Studies students visit AUT

Media Studies students visit AUT

Last week our Year 10 Media students visited Auckland University of Technology (AUT) to learn about radio and television as part of our unit on Broadcasting. 

There were four main activities our students participated in. The first was in the university TV studio, practising reading off a visual prompter, presenting, seeing the use of a green screen and having a go at being one of the camera operators. We soon realised that it is far more difficult than it looks to stand in front of a camera and present to a screen!

Next, we looked at how movement and motion are created in a virtual reality environment, using special equipment and markers on the subject to track movement.  

A visit to a radio studio also provided the opportunity for our boys to record themselves speaking on the radio, introducing the radio station, a song that played and the next song, for the audience. Again, this was trickier than it looked, and the students were reminded not to try and be someone they are not on the radio, and to use their voices effectively.  

Finally, the boys got to create their own sound effect introduction for a fictitious radio show of their own creation. This was a fantastic opportunity to look at the equipment used to overlay sound and create a piece unique to each group. 

As well as the media-specific work, it was also great for these year 10 students to experience the campus, equipment and teaching styles provided by a university. Many of them started to discuss where and how they would like to learn when they leave school. 

A very big thank you to the staff at AUT for this wonderful learning opportunity for our boys.