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Rosmini Blue compete at North Island tournament

Rosmini Blue compete at North Island tournament

Rosmini Blue water polo team recently participated in the North Island tournament and secured 7th place. The team had a great start with their first two games winning both against Baradene (5-2) and RI (12-1), with a great margin. However, the third game against St Kents was a tough one, and they lost with a score of 3-5.

In the quarterfinals, the team faced another tough opponent, MBIS. They played a fantastic game displaying great defence, but were unlucky with their shots on the goal and hence lost with a score of 5-2. Despite the loss, the team did not give up and continued to fight. In the next game they unexpectedly had to concede defeat to Dio, but that did not let them affect their morale.

In the last game against SPC Gold, the team showed great determination and team effort and won with a stellar score of  9-2. Overall, the team played well throughout the tournament and showed great sportsmanship placing themselves 7th in the tournament.

Thank you to coaches Will Caitlin , Mathew Mihaljevich and Ethan McKolskey for their time and guidance. Special thanks to Gina McKolskey for managing the team.