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Media Studies trip to Media Works

Media Studies trip to Media Works

Last week, our Year 9 Media Studies students had the amazing opportunity to visit Media Works in the city. We were welcomed by Media Works with a huge billboard saying “Welcome to Rosmini College”, which was very exciting.  

Once inside, the boys were divided into two groups, with one group touring the radio station, seeing stations such as MoreFM, The Edge, The Rock and many more. Some of our boys were lucky enough to even meet Duncan Garner while he was there recording.  

During the tour, the boys were able to go into the sound rooms, see where all the action happens and actually watch some of the shows recorded live.

In the second group, the boys were taken through the process of creating an advertising campaign, and what the key elements are to create a single and valuable message for your audience. Techniques such as making sure you know your target audience, that you have one clear message, that your message is repeated and that it is important to be unique and stand out. The boys were able to see the value of both visual and audio cues and what makes an advertisement or product memorable. It was also very interesting to hear about the career options in Media, as well as the pathways that a number of staff took to reach their career goals.

A very big thank you to Gareth Codd and his team who made this trip possible and provided an incredible learning opportunity for our boys.