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Kenrich wins silver in Australia

Kenrich wins silver in Australia

Year 8 student Kenrich Shek has competed in his first Karate Australian Open in Sydney and came home with a silver medal.

Kenrich was in a tough pool for his individual Kata (form) matches, against top athletes from New Zealand and Australia. Unfortunately, he was eliminated by Australia's top competitor. 

He was able to pick himself up and carry on in his individual Kumite (sparring) matches. He won the first two matches, scoring 2:0 and 4:0, which placed him in the final. In the last match he took the silver 3:4. 

It was a very good experience for Kenrich and he is now preparing for the New Zealand Open in July, the second national Karate event for 2023, hosted in Christchurch. 

Congratulations Kenrich!