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Activity Week 2022

Activity Week 2022

Activity week is an annual event at Rosmini College, where we enjoy taking time to wind down towards the end of the school year, and provide some fun days out for our year 7 to 10 students.

The boys enjoyed a trip to the Zoo, Parakai Pools, Archery, Lake Wainamu, Raft Building and Rock Climbing at Birkenhead Leisure Centre, and the Long Bay Coastal Walk.

Junior Athletics Day was a highlight, and despite a soft track there were some good performances to be had (see full results below). One school record was broken, thanks to practice in physical education classes, and Luke Te Tana came very close to Alex O’Neil’s junior record in the discus, just missing that record by less than a metre. Alex had won many national titles in the shot, discus and hammer during his years at Rosmini. Kelly House eclipsed the 4 X 100 record with a time of 56.7 seconds.

Other strong performances came from Isaac Lagaia who won the y7-8 100m, 200m and anchored his teams relay, and Hunter Johns (9-10) who won the 200m, 1500m, long jump and placed third in the 800m. Dominic Chan claimed the y7-8 400m and long jump titles, George Lendich claimed the y9-10 shot and discus titles and Luke Te Tana had a good day winning the shot, discus and placing second in the 200m.

Emery came out on the top of the point table, edging Liston. Kelly was third.

9-10-Kason Moller 12.13; Boyd Archibald 12.35; Marco Evans 12.65
7-8-Isaac Lagaia 12.61; Noah Paggao 12.93; Benji Larsen 12.94
9-10-Hunter Johns 25.06; Marco Evans 26.26; Nathan Criag 26.66
7-8-Isaac Lagaia 26.65; Luke Te Tana 27.08; Dominic Chan 28.38
9-10-Quinn Pybus 1:02.75; J.P. Baledrok 1:04.00; Marco Evans 1:04.78
7-8-Dominic Chan 58.65; Edward Medemblik 1:06.43; Ben Roa 1:06.63
9-10-Ryan Soo-Jones 2:45.54; Max Simpson 2:49.61; Hunter Johns 2:51.21
7-8-Christian Hill 2:35.71; Ethan Bates 2:45.55; Benedick Kenrick 2:45.90
9-10-Hunter Johns 5:20.78; Quinn Pybus; Max Wong
7-8-Ethan Bates 5:27.46; Quinn Thomson; Santiago Lavendar
9-10-George Lendich 9.70; Zoran Spellman 9.30; Nick Moataane 8.40
7-8-Luke TeTana 9.40; James Lee 8.30; Izack Faonevai 8.10
9-10- George Lendich 33,07; Sebastian Kennedy 29.63; Jermiah Afu 29.02
7-8- Luke TeTana 41.30; Zac Roughton 29.30; Dayton Maiva 20.06
9-10-Hunter Johns 5.03; Marco Evans 4.79; Quinn Pybus 4.76
7-8-Dominic Chan 4.50; Will Thornley 4.48; Benji Larson 4.33
1600m Parlaf
9-10-Liston, Emery, Curran
7-8-Emery, Liston, Kelly
10-Emery 51.74, Liston, Curran
9-Emery 54.06, Curran, Liston
8-Kelly 56.0, Emery, Liston (school record)
7-Liston 1:04.04, Kelly, Emery