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International students climb Rangitoto Island

International students climb Rangitoto Island

Last Saturday, our group of 11 international students embarked on an exciting trip to Rangitoto Island. The weather was perfect for most of the day, with sunny skies that only turned windy late in the afternoon.

The boys enjoyed a scenic ferry ride from town to Rangitoto, their excitement palpable as they sailed across the water. Upon arrival, they eagerly climbed to the top of the island, where they were rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the region. They even tried to spot where Rosmini College is located from the summit.

The hike up the island presented a challenge for some of the students, who kept asking, "Are we there yet?" My response was always, "Just five more minutes. Take your time, and enjoy the walk and fresh air. Look around to see what's around you, as the journey matters more than just arriving at the top."

During the trip, the students also learned a bit about Auckland's landscape and nature, adding an educational element to the adventure.

The students had packed plenty of food to share, and their picnic was filled with laughter and camaraderie. They sang along happily while waiting for the ferry back home, creating a joyful atmosphere. It was heartwarming to see the boys playing and laughing together, forging strong bonds through this shared experience.

A special thank you to Michael Kim, his partner, and Mr. Henrik Rylev for their time and help in making this trip possible. Although there were minor incidents, with two boys falling and cutting their hands and knees, their spirits remained bright and happy throughout the day.

Overall, the Rangitoto trip was a wonderful adventure, filled with fun, friendship, and unforgettable memories.