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Photo Gallery: Rosmini 1st XV vs Westlake

Photo Gallery: Rosmini 1st XV vs Westlake

Rosmini College 1st XV 25 Westlake Boys High School 19

It was a proud day for Rosmini Rugby and our College when on Saturday our 1st XV heroically won over Westlake Boys by 25-19.

All the squad have been tracking very well this year and it didn’t come as a surprise to our coaching group that this result was a very real possibility.

The best thing about the win is around mindset and belief. The boys have now experienced all emotions e.g., what it feels like to lose against the old foe, and now importantly through winning they have also experienced the highs, and through this have gained the belief.

Our squad is tight and will now get back to work and continue to improve in all areas in preparation for even more exciting challenges ahead.

Thank you to all the messages and the support from everyone. The squad is very grateful for this support and publicity.

Mr Joseph O'Reilly

Photos by Ms Judith Morrogh.

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