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Students try Taekwondo

Students try Taekwondo

Did you know we have our very own Black Belt Taekwondo teacher at Rosmini? Mr Pygott is our secret expert!  

Keeping in line with our Year 9 Media Studies boys comparing and contrasting, The Karate Kid (1984) with The Karate Kid (2010), what better way to learn, but first hand?  

Mr Pygott took time out of his day to come and teach all four of our Year 9 Media Studies classes some of the basic steps in Taekwondo. Mr Pygott demonstrated a wide range of moves including those for defense, and then the boys were able to put these into action under his supervision. He was further able to talk with the boys about the origins of Taekwondo and when he himself began his training and earned his Black Belt.  

The boys had a great time following Mr Pygott’s lead and practising specific moves. 

Thank you so much Mr Pygott for sharing your expertise with all of us and providing an amazing learning experience.