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Students visit Stage & Screen School

Students visit Stage & Screen School

By Nicolas Almiron, Year 10

On Tuesday 28 May at 9am I went away on a bus trip, along with my Year 7-10 EAP classmates, we headed off to the New Zealand Stage and Screen Combat School. The New Zealand Stage and Screen Combat School was formed in 2015 by Alexander James Holloway.  

We travelled to the Combat School by bus. The best thing about the bus journey was, while halfway on the bus because the bus was quite short, I got to see the whole of Auckland City and of course the Sky Tower.

When we arrived the first thing my class and I did was, we hopped off the bus, looked around on this very nice town and I followed my class on our way to the school. But before I hopped off the bus, I was confused on what this place was until we arrived there.

When we entered the place, I saw very impressive Crusader armour along with the huge red cross that represents the Catholic Cross and our Lord. To the right of the Crusader, there were some stairs headed down and there was very cool stuff on the way down there, there was the Lord of the Rings poster, beheaded heads, pikes and at the end were two pieces of Roman armours with the spiked hairs on the helmets. When I saw the main place, I was shocked! Walls of swords, bows and arrows, so much mediaeval stuff!   

My favourite thing to do was during the sword practice, it was about defending and blocking attacks, and attacking. I liked it because I found it very useful for when I sign up for some mediaeval reenactments.   

I have learnt some new things after this visit. I learnt that I needed to look at my attacker and attack. Another thing I learnt was to defend myself.

If we ever visit the New Zealand Stage and Screen Combat School again I hope I get to do some reenactments.