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Envirogroup clears Pampas Grass and Moth Plant

Envirogroup clears Pampas Grass and Moth Plant

A couple of years ago a neighbour warned us about the Pampas grass infestation on Rosmini College property. Rosmini Envirogroup has tried to keep on top of it but the infestation of this invasive feathery plant spread very quickly. 

On Friday 17 May Envirogroup boys in Years 7-13 spent the day destroying as many of the plants as we could. We hope, over time, to get rid of them all and return the area to native bush. 

The boys worked extremely hard all day, using critical thinking, problem solving and working as a team to best tackle the huge sharp plants. We were very pleased with our progress.

Maisie Ramsay, the Ecological Advisor from Pupuke Birdsong Project, also informed us of an impending Moth Plant infestation. She came along with a lot of equipment, helped us find the very well hidden plants, and we think we may be on top of this now. 

We urge you at home to look out for the moth plant pods and remove them carefully. Poisoning the root is the most effective way to deal with the problem.