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Rosmini hosts inaugural TOTCUS Symposium

Rosmini hosts inaugural TOTCUS Symposium

Rosmini College hosted the first ever TOTCUS (The Oceans That Connect Us) Project Symposium on Friday 1 December. 

Students from Chile, Easter Island, Peru, United States of America, South Korea, India and Finland collaborated with Rosmini students on a 10-minute presentation on climate change and its impact on the physical, social and indigenous environment. 

Over 140 students across eight countries have been involved in TOTCUS this year and viewers from NZ and around the world joined in by Zoom. International experts, University and agency representatives also attended the Symposium. We were also fortunate to host 17 students and two teachers from Singapore Raffles Institution who also presented their investigations. 

Just over one year old, Rosmini College-grown TOTCUS Project has received plaudits from around the world. Rosmini Old Boy Dr Matthew O’Meagher, who is the Director of the Latin American Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence and Principal Advisor, International Reputation at Victoria University, posted on LinkedIn that he was so proud of his old school for hosting the first Symposium.

TOTCUS not only provides the student an opportunity to research an aspect of climate change in their group, but also develop skills of collaboration, empathy and respect for others and the environment, as well as learn about other cultures and geography. Based on the feedback from the Rosmini students following the Symposium they appear all keen to continue to develop this project further.

Check out the video highlights from the day.

If you would like to learn more about TOTCUS, or get involved with this project, you're invited to contact Mr. Wood at [email protected]