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International students visit De Paul House

International students visit De Paul House

On Tuesday 5 December a group of international students visited De Paul House, accompanied by Mrs Rylev and two parents. The purpose of this trip was to provide our international students with an opportunity to understand and see in action our school values and motto: 'Charity Fulfils the Law'. 

It was captivating to listen to stories of love and generosity, as individuals of various ages—ranging from 11-year-olds to adults in the community—shared their time, efforts, and resources to help those in need.

It was great to hear how the visit impacted the students. Kato Gerald said: "If I am successful in the future, I aspire to establish something back home in Uganda to assist those who need help." 

Meng Zheng said: "I would like to engage in volunteer work to contribute as much as possible. As I grow up, I want to continue helping people in need." 

Gratitude was extended to Lesley Farmer for guiding us through the experience and sharing inspiring stories.

Acknowledgment was also expressed for Rosmini School's donation project this year, recognizing its impact in bringing love and care to numerous individuals. Witnessing the compassionate hearts of Rosmini students, teachers, and their families, and the happiness they brought to many people, was truly remarkable. 

This visit marks just the beginning of our efforts, with plans to undertake more initiatives in the coming years.