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Rosmini College Hall of Musical Fame

Rosmini College Hall of Musical Fame

Recently, four panels were installed on the left hand wall of the entrance into the Auditorium to acknowledge some of the finest musicians to ever come out of Rosmini College, from 1967 till the present day.

The groups honoured are Disraeli Gears (1967 – 1970), The Hi-Revving Tongues (1968 – 1970), The Screaming Meemees (1981 – 1983), Sol E Mio (2006 – present day). 

These groups gained considerable followings on the North Shore and in the Auckland Metropolitan area, with the Hi-Revving Tongues charting frequently and the Meemees achieving a no 1 hit with their “See Me Go” Single. Sol E Mio has also achieved No 1 status with a number of their albums. Rosmini Old Boy Moses Mackay of Sol E Mio has also achieved success as a solo performer and is at present, travelling Italy. Sol E Mio’s success is acknowledged both nationally and internationally.

In a school where Excellence is encouraged and strived for it is important to acknowledge all areas where this is attainable. Perhaps this sentiment was best described by former Disraeli Gears member, Kevin Sheehan when he donated his drum kit to the College in 2009 in the hope that, “Someone else would reach for the stars!”

To any member of the Rosminian community wishing to view the tributes please report to the Office and this will be arranged for you.

For more information on these Bands and those from the North Shore, visit 'Audioculture: The Noisy Library of NZ Music' or check out the book 'Hostage to The Beat – The Auckland Scene - 1955 – 1970'.