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Rosmini Volunteer Army lead NZ in service hours

Rosmini Volunteer Army lead NZ in service hours

The Rosmini Volunteer Army is extremely proud to announce its position as the top volunteering school in New Zealand with the Student Volunteer Army in 2023.

Near the end of each year, the SVA Service Award team releases statistics for the top three schools with the most volunteering hours logged. This year had us proudly standing in the top spot with 15,585 hours. We were followed by Macleans College with 11,189 hours and KingsWay School with 10,387 hours. There are over 275 schools participating in the Service Awards Programme.

Chris Huang, RVA Communications Leader, says: "2023 has seen our group expand exponentially, with numbers far surpassing expectations. I am, and I know the boys are too, very proud of fulfilling our school’s Catholic character through our service and impact around our local communities. The differences we make in not only our school but also the wider community around us really is special to us and really does mean something. To us, volunteering goes beyond the recognition we may gain but goes to one simple thing; to do the right thing.

"Through our journey we’ve bonded closer together as brothers, growing as global citizens and seeing the bigger picture. We’ve learned a lot of valuable life skills such as teamwork and communication, along with important life lessons we’ll certainly remember and take with us. I’m sure many of us will reflect back on this year and think of all the things we’ve accomplished and people we’ve helped in our 15,000+ hours together.

"I look forward to another great year in 2024.

"The RVA would like to thank our teacher in charge, Ms. Van Wyk, for her endless service and leadership to the army, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to achieve half as much. Additionally, to Oliver Simpson, RVA Student Leader, for leading our volunteers whenever and wherever we needed him. Lastly, we would like to thank all of our amazing volunteers and especially the departing Year 13s for their selfless service this year. We were all in it together."

We’re honoured to hold the most volunteering hours this year and look forward to what the future holds for our group next year.

Legis Charitas Plenitudo—Charity Fulfils the Law.

Chris Huang, RVA Communications Leader.