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Young Vinnies Service Awards 2023

Young Vinnies Service Awards 2023

Order of Hallissey Award Ceremony

We’re proud to say that this was the first year that we awarded this badge, commemorating four years of service to Young Vinnies. This is the highest service award that one can earn at Rosmini College. 

The first inductees into the Order were Niko Snell, Mattox Song, Samuel Rea-Rankin, James Theron, Trent Jeddo, Gabriel Peralta, Claro Calvo, Theo Johns, Joel Vicente, Daniel Peter, Zebastian Pantaleon, and Bien-Amiel Pasco.

In honour of Mr Patrick Hallissey’s service to Young Vinnies this award was named after him. Mr Hallissey has relentlessly given his time and energy into helping the community around him and on behalf of all the Young Vinnies we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his service and wish him all the best as he retires this year.

look forward to seeing many new Vinnies receive this award in the years to come and wear their badges with pride as we know they will. 

Service Awards

During this term we were honoured to hold the annual Young Vinnies service award ceremony. Vinnies were presented with certificates by the Society of St Vincent de Paul in recognition of their continual service and contribution to assisting the poor and vulnerable.

For all his service to the Society over the years, Mr Hallissey was also presented with a certificate of appreciation and a Society of St Vincent de Paul shirt. We are grateful for everything that Mr Hallissey has done for Young Vinnies and the College. His tireless efforts have impacted so many lives and his legacy will live on through the College.  

In addition, Rosmini College was presented an award from the Society of St Vincent de Paul for our continual service to the community through our work in Young Vinnies. This is a true honour for the College and demonstrates our commitment to living out our school motto of “Charity Fulfils the Law” as well as continuing Blessed Antonio Rosmini’s work. 

Niko Snell, Mattox Song, Samuel Rea-Rankin, and James Theron (Young Vinnies Leaders).