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Senior Prizegiving 2023

Senior Prizegiving 2023

On Wednesday 1 November we celebrated and recognised our senior students that have showed a commitment to their learning and academic excellence at the 2023 Rosmini College Academic Prizegiving.

A number of university scholarships were also awarded, and guests were treated to musical performances by Rosmini Chamber Choir, Senior Jazz Band Combo and Rosmini Orchestra, as well as inspiring speeches from our Senior Leaders and Head Boy Reuben Paul.

Congratulations to all of our award winners, especially our Dux, Rayen Lee, and two Proxime Accessit Theo Johns and Samuel Rea-Rankin.

Academic Trophy winners:

Gateway Prize: Kieran O'Grady

Hospitality and Catering Prize: Ronan D'Souza

Oliver Going Technology Prize: Mathew Mihaljevich

Senior DVC Prize: Gabriel Barrion

Digital Technology Trophy: Rayen Lee

Digital Technology Trophy: Nico Potenciano

Photolife Graphic Art Prize: Hamish Berry

Senior French Prize: Samuel Rea-Rankin

Senior Japanese Prize: Claro Calvo

Te Reo Maori Prize: Hamish Berry

Maori Academic Achievement Award: Samuel Rea-Rankin

Aldiss Classical Studies Prize: Rayen Lee

Aldiss Classical Studies Prize: Samuel Rea-Rankin

Crawley History Shield: John Pelobello

John Skinner Geography Prize: Niko Elie

Academic Physical Education Prize: Mateo Roa

Earth and Space Science Teacher's Award for Excellence: Jack Dixon

Earth and Space Science Teacher's Award for Excellence: Luke Kassai

Phillip Gales Biology Prize: Niko Snell

Phillip Gales Biology Prize: Theo Johns

Father Charles Sormany Chemistry Cup: Theo Johns

Jim Church Senior Physics Cup: Rayen Lee

Mohammed Mathematics Trophy: Yilin Lin

Mathematics and Statistics Cup: Samuel Rea-Rankin

Yunus Mohammed Cup: Rayen Lee

Donnelly Cup for Senior Economics: Rayen Lee

Senior Accounting Prize: Kieran O'Grady

Senior Business Studies: Samuel Boyle

Senior Art Prize in Design: Hamish Berry

Senior Art Prize in Printmaking: Charles Aguilar

Senior Art Cup: Hamish Berry

Senior Music Cup: Niko Snell

Drama Cup: Ethan Hames

Drama Cup: Noah Simunac

Senior English Prize Hillman Cup: Theo Johns

English as a Second Language (ESOL) Cup: Brent Wong

Conservation Award: Cavell Castro

Conservation Award: Daniel Peter

Special Awards:

Head Boy's Prize, Service: Reuben Paul

Headmaster's Prize, Service: Noah Johns

Pasifika Leadership, Contribution to Pasifika: Harlan Sietu

North Shore MP's Excellence Award, Service in the Community: Joel Vicente

Antonio Rosmini Cup, Catholic Character in the College and Community: Claro Calvo

May Gore Cup, Dependability around the College: Hamish Berry

John Stevenson Memorial Cup, Determination during his time at the College: Quitos Decena

Catcheside Memorial Cup, Involvement and responsibility in and around the College: Charlie Maling

The Chris Ireland Cup, School Spirit: Reuben Paul

Proxime Accessit, Runner up to Dux: Theo Johns & Samuel Rea-Rankin

Matthew Casey Cup Dux: Rayen Lee

Wallace Cup: Rayen Lee

Service Awards:

Commitment to Music: Ephraim Abenes

Williams Prize for Service to Music: Reuben Paul and Daniel Peter

Commitment to Choir Cup: Johann San Diego

North Shore Harmony Club Trophy, Excellence in Music: Radeesha De Silva

Senior Performing Arts: Joseph Wolfkamp

Service to Liturgy, Music and AV Events: Joel Vicente

Hallisey Flame of Justice Award, Service to Young Vinnies: Niko Snell

Milne Bland Award, Work in Social Justice: Mattox Song

St Vincent de Paul Cup, Commitment, service and leadership of Young VInnies: Niko Snell

RSA Trophy, Service outside the College in the wider community: Samuel Rea-Rankin

Edmond's Cup, Achievement in Young Vinnies Ministries: James Theron