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Rosmini hosts seven schools in TOTCUS meet-up

Rosmini hosts seven schools in TOTCUS meet-up

TOTCUS (The Ocean that Connects US), Rosmini College's international climate change project, digitally hosted seven schools across six countries for the first time on Wednesday. 

Over the past few months, groups of Rosmini students have been working with their counterparts in Chile, Peru, Marshall Islands, Hawaii and South Korea to examine the impact of climate change on physical, social or indigenous environments. Each group presented their progress report across the TOTCUS Network.  

Groups were welcomed by Dr Gregg Nakato in Honolulu and concluding remarks were made by Ms Catalina Ovando in Valparaiso, Chile who both work with Mr. Wood, our Health Teacher. 

Having groups spread across the Pacific, meeting at 8:00 am in Seoul and 8:00 pm in Punta Arenas was not much of a challenge, however cramming 15 reports into 60 minutes and involving 120 students with slides and comments meant the show was swift. Groups presented on a number of topics including the impact of climate change on sea coast erosion, salt water intrusion, air pollution, microplastics, deforestation, economic impacts on ports, and water scarcity. 

Groups will now work through the rest of the year to measure, gather more evidence and seek solutions to present at the end of year reporting December 1.