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Athletics Day 2023

Athletics Day 2023

Congratulations to our year 9 - 13 students who took part in Athletics Day 2023.

The students had a fantastic day as the sun shone, music played, and rivalry between houses was strong! Amazing effort by Liston to take out the title.

Below is a list of results from the main events.


100m (sunny with a soft track)

Senior – 1st Noah Johns 11.78; 2nd Brendan Acfield; 3rd Kakura Godfrey (4th Matthew Walsh)

Intermediate – 1st Inoke Vaingalo 12.31; 2nd Marco Evans; 3rd Niki Tomado (4th Boyd Archibald)

Junior – 1st Quinn Pybus 12.84; 2nd Sam Morrison; 3rd Noah Paggao (4th Ethan Mau)


Senior – 1st Noah Johns 23.77; 2nd Xavier Sofaea; 3rd Josh Batty

Intermediate – 1st Orestis Koulizis 25.65; 2nd Hunter Johns; 3rd Marco Evans

Junior – 1st Quinn Pybus 26.90; 2nd Dominic Chan; 3rd Luke TeTana


Senior – 1st Matthew Hasler-Odlin, 2nd James Marshall, 3rd Jack Gillum

Intermediate – 1st Orestis Koulizis 59.81; 2nd Benjamin Stoffel; 3rd Kelvin Goldstein

Junior – 1st Ethan Misquitta 1:05.2; 2nd Joseph Begley, 3rd Edward Medemblik


Senior – 1st Josh Batty 2:28.61; 2nd Woody Lynskey; 3rd Charlie Marling

Intermediate – 1st Liam Baker 2:24.45; 2nd Benjamin Stoffel; 3rd Te Whare Paora-Chamberlain

Junior – 1st Christian Hill 2:35.79; 2nd Ryder Pollock; 3rd Ethan Bates


Senior – 1st Charlie Maling; 2nd Josh Batty, 3rd Woody Lynskey

Intermediate – 1st Hunter Johns 5:02.04; 2nd Te Whare Paora-Chamberlain; 3rd Sam Law

Junior – 1st Ethan Bates 5:15.0; 2nd Ryder Pollock; 3rd Ben Roa


Senior – 1st Reily Tofilau 12.39; 2nd Lepo Sialetonga; 3rd Koloke Semu

Intermediate – 1st George Lendich 11.17; 2nd Danny Murphy; 3rd Nate Tofilau

Junior – 1st Zoram Spellman; 2nd Zach Fuovevai; 3rd Ben Mahoni


Senior – 1st Riley Tofilau 23.70; 2nd Mason Stewart; 3rd Jack Hollwand

Intermediate – 1st Danny Murray 31.10; 2nd Nate Tofilau; 3rd George Lendich

Junior – 1st Luke Te Tana 37.0; 2nd Joseph Larson; 3rd Israel Kuoppu


Senior – 1st Noah Johns 5.68; 2nd Harlan Roudon; 3rd Ben Loseli

Intermediate – 1st Nathan Craig 5.08; 2nd Max Seal; 3rd Hunter Johns

Junior – 1st Dominic Chan 4.82, 2nd Quin Pybus 4.70; 3rd Luke Te Tana


Senior – 1st Logan Cook 10.94; 2nd Zion Anderson, 3rd Harlan Roundson

Intermediate – 1st Orestis Koulizis 9.56; 2nd Nathan Craig; 3rd Noah Andrew

Junior – 1st Dominic Chan 9.66; 2nd Samuel Tinoque, 3rd Noah Paggao.

Photos courtesy of: Mrs Lawrence, Ms Morrogh, Mr Mistry, Mrs Scholz, and student photographers Sam Law, Sam Ediker, Brodie Tofilau, JP Baledrokadroka, Oscar Smith.