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Junior Art Wrap-Up 2022

Junior Art Wrap-Up 2022

The year 7 students showed off their incredible painting skills by displaying their Kaitiaki animal artworks as well as their very festive Christmas cards. 

The year 8 students displayed their climate change awareness through their Environmental Street Art watercolour paintings, and the year 9s displayed their Toi whakairo expertise by creating amazing Kōwhaiwhai letter woodcuts during our printmaking unit this term. 

Some junior artists received special recognition with awards for Excellence, Outstanding Effort and Most Improved student in Visual arts. These students' names are as follows. 

Excellence in Year 7 Visual Art:

7EMS: Tiger Wigg, Justin Naufahu, Johnathan Koe and Boston Bell

7ARG: Harry Bishop, Cole Brinsdon, Harrison Coggins and Liam Turley

7CKJ: Alexander Bates, Nate Cope, Lemuel Joseph and Jonathan Nicholson

Outstanding Effort in Year 7 Visual Art:

7EMS: Jonah Mathew

7ARG: Tyler Wood

7CKJ:  Liam Craig

Most Improved Students in Year 7 Visual Art:

7EMS: Jacen Mejica 

7ARG: Tai Tohovaka

7CKJ: Finn Trevett

Excellence in Year 8 Visual Art:

8ESJ: Glenn Augenstein, Jihoo Lee and Joshua Fernandez

8NMV: Aidan George, Adam Go and Ryan Percy

8DOB: Joshua Foster, Jiho Kim and John Ino Pineda

Outstanding Effort in Year 8 Visual Art:

8ESJ: Luka Diependaele

8NMV: Izack Faonevai

8DOB: Joaquin Collados

Excellence in Year 9 Visual Art:

Patrick Lemeki, Marlow Winder, Damian Wong, Riley Anderson, Liam Kelly, Kevin Pamurahardjo, Nathan Criag, Mathew Flordeliza and Jack Lamont

Outstanding Effort in Year 9 Visual Art:

Nathan Flordeliza, Sean Nogalada, Isaac Hames and Oliver Jamieson

Most Improved Students in Year 9 Visual Art:

CJ Coggins, Joshua Mathew and Billy Hindley