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Year 10 Market Day

Year 10 Market Day

More than 100 year 10 Business Studies students were involved in the Market Day Activity at Rosmini College during lunchtime on Wednesday 21 September.

There were close to 31 stalls selling a variety of things, including food and creative games in their business teams. Each team has a CEO, CFC, Production Director, and Marketing Director responsible for their portfolio.

As part of the Business Studies Curriculum, students have to come up with their own original ideas, make the product/s, and market these through many platforms such as social media, own websites, displays, wall posters, business cards, word of mouth, etc., and then sell them.

Each business team has to use its own capital and take risks to operate like a real business. It is experiential learning for the students.

Thanks to the enterprising students, $250 will be donated to De Paul House from the profits made. An amazing effort, and fun afternoon enjoyed by all.