Rosmini College High Performance Institute

When: Mondays and Wednesday 3.15 - 4pm

Where: Grant Richards Weigh Room

Cost: $40 per term, per student 

Contact: Mr Tony Hill [email protected]

The goal of the high-performance club  is to give opportunities to students who are motivated to make a change. 

Do you want to get fitter? Faster? Stronger? As a school of success in both Academics and Sport, High Performance will teach students fundamental movements and exercises that they can train to gain higher levels of strength and muscular endurance. When focused on training, these two components of fitness have been heavily researched to link to a lack of injury and also an overall increase in sporting performance. 

We focus on:

  • Body-weight, core, and endurance exercises will take preference.  

  • High performance is open to all JNRs (yrs 7-10), however, applications from Senior students can be considered individually.

  • Some resistance exercises will also be used frequently to build strength were appropriate, focusing on technique. 

  • The fees we collect are put directly back into Rosmini for improved equipment, facilities, and learning opportunities.