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Rosmini hosts Liam Malone

Rosmini hosts Liam Malone

Rosmini College hosted Liam Malone on 18th August in what was an intimate, informal evening with a small but very engaged audience. 

Liam spoke of his journey as a young kid at 18 months old losing his legs due to a birth defect. His mum pushed him to be like anyone else and instilled a “never give up attitude” in him that he lives by today. 

After losing his mum at age 18, Liam spoke of how important it is to tell people you love them and to not be afraid to share your feelings. As a young man, he felt lost and had no real direction in life after making some poor decisions. It wasn’t until he was at Canterbury University in his early 20s that he realised he could change his direction in life and decided to pursue the challenge of making it to the Paralympics in 2016, despite not being a runner. 

Liam regaled us with funny, at times sad events in his life but also told the audience that saying “yes” and not giving up, even when times are challenging, are what have pulled him through. It was also interesting to hear about his short modelling career, meeting celebrities and now working with the tech giant Amazon as he has a real passion for technology. 

Liam has said he will come back to speak to the boys at assembly soon in order to reach a wider audience.