Your chance to play Darts on the Big Stage!

Date and Venue

6.30pm - 12pm on Saturday 31 August 2024 in the Rosmini College Auditorium.

Event Intentions

To host an original, fun night that enables Rosmini families, Old Boys, and our wider community to connect and enjoy each other’s company. Through these connections and event support we aim to raise funds that will be utilised for administration and future support of the rugby programme.

The Concept

Rosmini rugby has come up with a darts fundraising evening that is designed to be fun, colourful, and appealing to a wide range of participants. Participants will play darts, socialise with friends and colleagues, dance and sing along to our DJ’s legendary playlist. There will be a chance to participate in some fun fundraising games and dress up in your favourite fancy dress costumes in line with your team’s chosen theme.

A bar will be available for the purchase of beer, wines, and non-alcoholic refreshments. Tables will be provided with a platter of tasty treats and pizzas will be delivered to your table during the evening. 

The Format

Tables of 10 (for our teams) will be set up the Rosmini auditorium. Tables will be grouped into subsections of four tables per section. Each of these sections will have two dedicated dart boards located conveniently near their tables.

Round Robin

Teams will play three matches in a round robin competition against the other teams in their section. Five players will participate in each round robin game from each team. Teams may swap players for their next games to ensure everyone gets game time. The team that wins scores two points.

Each match will be “301” darts to ascertain the winner. The rules are simple with players taking turns to throw their three darts and score as many points as possible per round. The score will be subtracted from the team’s starting score of 301. To win a team must be the first to reduce their score to an even zero score. If a player throws higher than the score required to get them to Zero then they bust, and nothing will be deducted of the score in this instance.

Semi Final Shoot out

The winners of each section will take part in a semi-final shoot out (highest score out of 10 players per team) with the top four teams advancing to the Semi Finals on the Big stage.

Big Stage Finals

In the Semi Finals teams will select their best two players to compete in doubles play knockout match to determine our Grand Finalists.

Table Theme Song and Fancy Dress

When a table is sold the organiser for the table will notify us of their theme song. The participants of the table will be encouraged to dress up in theme fancy dress and our DJ will play these theme songs throughout the evening. As an example, our two team finalists’ songs last year were Ferris Bueller's “twist and Shout” and Peaky Blinders with their dramatic theme song. Prizes will be awarded for best costumes!

MC and DJ

Our MC and DJ will ensure the event is highly entertaining and the night will be charged with high energy, humour, and some good old fashion fun. There will be a photographer onsite at the event to capture all the fun and games. Special Note: This is a night of SERIOUS FUN and not so SERIOUS DARTS! Be prepared to let your guard down, have a good laugh, and enjoy the vibe.


We are pleased to announce Summit Scaffolding, Northern Lifestyles and DJ Mike will all again be our main sponsors of the event. We also are hoping to get prizes donated for winners on the night as well as sponsored auction items for a silent auction.

If you can assist with sponsored prizes or if you would like to sponsor or enter a team, please contact Joseph O’Reilly at Rosmini College [email protected] for further details.

Table Cost

The cost per team is $750 (i.e. $75 per person).