Enrolment 2023

Rosmini College's Enrolment Scheme can be viewed here Rosmini College Enrolment Scheme.

Year 7 Enrolments

At Year 7, preferential enrolment is given to Catholic pupils wishing to enter the school from the five contributing Catholic Primary Schools on the North Shore.

The Catholic Primary Schools each supply a list of Year 6 boys to Rosmini College, after which a letter plus enrolment documents are sent to all parents on the list by 1 April 2022. We ask that you either enrol online here or return the applications to the College by 10 June 2022, and letters of acceptance will be sent out from the College by 4 July 2022.

Parents whose sons are not attending the contributing schools are invited to either phone for an enrolment form early in June, enrol online here, download an enrolment form from the website or, pick one up at the Open Day, 17 May 2022 at 1.30pm. Any places remaining in Year 7 after we have accepted boys from the contributing schools are allocated according to our Enrolment Scheme. Parents are informed by letter.

Year 8 - 13 Enrolments

Parents wishing to apply for places in Years 8 - 13 should apply in June for a place the following year. Only a limited number of places are available in any year and parents may not be informed until October or November whether their application has been successful.

All applications should be made in the year preceding attendance as the College does not carry a waiting list.

Applications should be made either online here or to:

The Headmaster's PA

Rosmini College

36 Dominion Street, TAKAPUNA

Phone: (09) 4883750

Click Rosmini College Prospectus to download the prospectus.

Click Rosmini School Information to download the school information.

Application forms for Local students may be found here.