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This option is based on developing your own individual instrumental or voice skills and to develop group performance skills. To prepare for NCEA the course is designed with standards similar to the Year 11 course. Some of these standards may be available as Unit Standards.

  • Solo performance
  • Group performances
  • Music works
  • Aural skills

These students are given tuition on the instrument of their choice and guitar, bass, drums and keyboard are also used in class activities for performance assessment. Students are advised to take advantage of the opportunities offered to start learning an instrument to be able to focus on their solo instrument for senior music. The theory of music is taught to enable students to understand and participate in other areas of music such as Aural exercises and Music works. The expected level to enter Level 1 Music is 18 months learning an instrument or a skill level of grade 2 or 3. Students are expected to make a commitment to having an instrumental teacher either at school or privately.

Sports Science introduces the student to the sciences and art of sport and exercise.

Students learn some anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, psychology, nutrition and coaching science, and apply this information to sport and exercise projects of choice. Students also prepare posters for presentation at Massey University, and learn how to analyse sports skills using video and computer technology. Measuring, guest lectures and in class sharing.

(Unit Standards may be available for students)

Students will research, design, plan and build at least two projects at Year 10. They will also be expected to produce a portfolio that documents their research, contains their design drawings and production plan. Products should ideally be created for a client other than themselves

The type of products made will depend on the availability of workshops and will be decided on once the timetable for 2012 has been completed.

The course will also give students the opportunity to investigate the historical development of products and they will learn about the nature of technology.

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