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Students produce a range of projects such as electronic games, lanterns and toy boats, depending on the facilities available. They will work to a given design brief and are encouraged to include their own design ideas.

Students are expected to make informed choices based on safe and sound working practices as well as on their own research in order to produce an item that is fit for purpose. All work will be presented in a portfolio.


Food Technology is based on developing the skills and techniques learnt in Year 8. Students will be introduced to advance culinary skills and techniques. Students will focus on planning and preparing food products and applying the knowledge gained to the cooking and presentation of dishes.

Course Content:

Unit One: Bread, Bread and Bread.
Students will learn the baking techniques and skills in making a variety of different types of breads. A school visit to a bakery will be organized to understand the techniques in bread making and to compare the many varieties of breads.

Unit Two: Health and Nutrition.
Students will focus on healthy eating, nutrition and design energy foods to enhance sports performance.

Unit Three: Food from around the world.
Students will choose a country and then plan, prepare and present a three course traditional meal. In this unit, the assessment will be in the form of a restaurant, where samples of dishes from different countries will be tasted and evaluated.

Unit Four: It's time to have a party.
Students will develop new culinary skills and techniques whilst planning a themed celebration party. They will review the design process and evaluate their practical skills.


An introduction Course into the orders of drawing and design. By the end of the course students will be able to confidently render 3D drawings and produce formal drawings of their design concepts.

Students will be developing CAD skills to aid them in product design and the presentation of their portfolios. Students will be using pencils, marker and pastels to show formal shading, shadow and texture to produce realistic rendered drawings. There is also the opportunity for air brushing. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and to modify existing designs. This course would also be beneficial to students who are taking Technology

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