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International Orientation Trip

30 student led by Mrs Whitcombe set out on 4th March for an enjoyable day out and about in Auckland. NortIn March our . First stop was North head, Devonport’s famous historical landmark. Led by Mrs. Whitcombe the students walked around North head exploring the tunnels, disappearing guns, searchlight emplacements and military defence fortifications. The students enjoyed the views of the Hauraki Gulf before heading into Devonport for morning tea where we watched the various sea vessels and played in the park.

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International Students Orientation (2012)

In March a group of new International students went out in the school van for a tour of Auckland. We drove to Historic Devonport and walked around North Head  experiencing the tunnels. We then went into the centre of Devonport to see some of the historic buildings and the waterfront.

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Masato Watanabe: Year 12

MasatoWhen I decided to study in New Zealand I had never seriously studied English before. When I arrived at Rosmini College I felt nervous because my English was weak but all the students interacted with me and were very kind and friendly. I enthusiastically tried to improve my English which has gradually got better and this has been a valuable experience for me. 

I am enjoying my art class very much because I can express myself creatively. I also love geography because Mr Cooper is a kind person who is a very good geography teacher. At first I couldn’t understand what he was saying but now I do so I feel very happy about this. I am really keen to continue to improve my English. When I return to Japan I want to continue acting and go to the USA." - Masato Watanabe

Kazusa Morita: Year 12

KazusaRosmini College has been a great experience for me. Before I came to New Zealand I had never travelled outside Japan so I felt anxious and nervous. However, when I arrived at Rosmini College the students and teachers were very helpful. Another International student suggested I join a sports team so I decided to play in the first 11 soccer team which is the top team at Rosmini College. I made many friends and we encouraged each other whilst playing soccer. At the end of the soccer season we won the championship and I received a medal. The tournament will be my best memory of studying abroad and through playing soccer my English has improved and I have made many friends. Our bonds of friendship will continue when I leave this year." - Kazusa Morita

Howard Choi: Year 8

When I first arrived at Rosmini College, in 2006, I was impressed with how kind the staff were. My English has gradually improved this year and for the first time in my life I like going to school to meet my friends and study. I am in the junior concert band. I play drums and percussion and the teacher encourages me, so I practise harder. I also play miniball, which is basketball for children. Rosmini College has provided me with many new opportunities." - Howard Choi

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