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He maroro kokati ihu waka
The flying fish which jumps across the nose of the canoe

Here the Maroro or flying fish is a metaphor for someone who crossed a war party and is killed to ward of bad luck. If something bad happens in a superstitious way, you say this to acknowledge that something is a fault.

He manako te koura i kore ai
There are no crayfish as you set your heart on them

This is similar to not putting all your eggs in one basket. You could also consider this as Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

He ihu kur?, he tangata haere
Like a dog follows his nose, man will find opportunity

Used to refer to a unjust actions of criminals or lowlife. Comparing a man to a dog. Negative connotation.

H?honu kaki, p?paku nana
A deep neck, but a shallow outcome

Used to refer to a lazy worker, who has a healthy appetite but offers very little help.

He patu te ua ki runga, he ngutu w?hine ki raro
Like the rain that pelts down upon the roof, the lips of women move below

This is used to compare the way the rain falls with the way women gossip. The sound of the clatter of the rain on the roof is similar to the chatter of the women.

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