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My name is Paul (Seong Hwan) Kim and I’m a Year 13 student. I have been studying at Rosmini College since 2011. Unlike most of the other boys, I started at Rosmini College when I was Year 9 as an International Student. I remember that when I first arrived I felt very naïve and nervous and I, initially, struggled to settle into my new life as a student at Rosmini College. I had to break through a massive language barrier as I struggled to adjust to life in a country far away from my home in South Korea. To begin with I found it difficult to make new friends. Fortunately things started to get better for me as my English improved. I got better grades and reports, made really good friends and I joined school groups. This year I am thinking about my future and, more importantly, becoming much more competent at communicating and comprehending English. However, there are some students around the school who are still struggling to adjust.

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