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30 student led by Mrs Whitcombe set out on 4th March for an enjoyable day out and about in Auckland. NortIn March our . First stop was North head, Devonport’s famous historical landmark. Led by Mrs. Whitcombe the students walked around North head exploring the tunnels, disappearing guns, searchlight emplacements and military defence fortifications. The students enjoyed the views of the Hauraki Gulf before heading into Devonport for morning tea where we watched the various sea vessels and played in the park.

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In March a group of new International students went out in the school van for a tour of Auckland. We drove to Historic Devonport and walked around North Head  experiencing the tunnels. We then went into the centre of Devonport to see some of the historic buildings and the waterfront.

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My name is Paul (Seong Hwan) Kim and I’m a Year 13 student. I have been studying at Rosmini College since 2011. Unlike most of the other boys, I started at Rosmini College when I was Year 9 as an International Student. I remember that when I first arrived I felt very naïve and nervous and I, initially, struggled to settle into my new life as a student at Rosmini College. I had to break through a massive language barrier as I struggled to adjust to life in a country far away from my home in South Korea. To begin with I found it difficult to make new friends. Fortunately things started to get better for me as my English improved. I got better grades and reports, made really good friends and I joined school groups. This year I am thinking about my future and, more importantly, becoming much more competent at communicating and comprehending English. However, there are some students around the school who are still struggling to adjust.

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Hello. My name is Ryu. I’m from Japan and I have studied at Rosmini since the beginning of 2015. When I first arrived I actually couldn’t speak English very well so I was worried that I would not make friends. Fortunately I got a lot of friends and my English quickly improved because I joined the first eleven football team. Football can communicate without language pretty much so I made friends without language. I tried to talk to them and this is how my English improved. I’m very proud of the first eleven at Rosmini and this will always be an awesome memory for me.

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