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Newsletter (April 2014)

Dear Parents

As promised, here are our results in Scholarship, with which I am delighted.

Rosmini obtained 28 scholarships in 2013.
Scholarships were obtained in Geography (7), Statistics (4), Graphics, Technology, English (3), Chemistry, Accounting (2) and one in French, Economics, Physics and Classics.

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Newsletter (February 2014)

Pear Parents

In my first newsletter of the year I would like to share our exam results with you.  2013 proved to be another excellent year for Rosmini boys, with very high pass rates achieved at all three NCEA levels.

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Newsletter (August 2013)

Dear Parents

I wish to devote a little time to that topical issue of e-learning and the use of computers.  Recent psychological studies have researched the impact of excessive computer use on brain development and the increase of sleep disorders among young people.

Professor Susan Greenfield, in the United Kingdom, has undertaken research that suggests the ‘screen culture’ of our computer age may be changing the brains of our young people in ways that could have a serious impact on personality and behaviour.  Internet and computer game addiction is emerging as a new clinical disorder.  One study indicated that computer addicted students spent an average of 38.5 hours a week on their computer ‘surfing the net’ - excluding time for academic purposes.

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Stationery Lists for 2014

Today all current year 7-10 students received their stationery lists for 2014. Please can these be returned to their form teacher as soon as possible?

Payment details are on the form and can be made online now, or in 2014 when the stationery is picked up.

If the forms are mislaid, they can be downloaded from here.

Newsletter (July 2013)

 Dear Parents

In Metro magazine’s July issue a table was published comparing the percentage of scholarships gained by each of the eighty schools in the Auckland region.  In this table Rosmini ranks fourth behind St Cuthbert’s, Diocesan and Macleans, one place ahead of Auckland Grammar.  Other results are very solid also, but the one that I think is encouraging is that only 2% of boys leave Rosmini without any qualification.

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