"Charity fulfills the law"

Kevin Lynch (1988-1994)

Kevin Lynch (1988-1994) has been a Graphic Designer for twelve years. He has recently started his own business called Sidekick Creative Ltd (www.sidekickcreative.co.nz) which is based in Bayview. This is a Graphic design business specialising in sports design. Their clients include NZ Football and NZ Basketball. Kevin also personally designed the new uniforms for the Tall Blacks which were showcased at the 2010 World Champs. He hopes that Sidekick Creative will be one of the driving forces behind an upswing in New Zealand Sporting design. Kevin previously worked as head designer at Insignia International. This was a sports memorabilia company based in the city and he says, “There we designed memorabilia and collectables for the likes of the All Blacks, Manchester United and individuals such as the late Sir Edmund Hillary, Pele, NBA star Tony Parker and Cristiano Ronaldo.” Through his connections at Insignia International, Kevin pitched the concept of ‘The Theatre of Dreams Mural’ to commemorate the 100 year Anniversary of Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium. He says, “They loved the concept and it evolved from there. Sometimes you have to pitch the big idea…You never know!!” Kevin says graphic design was, “always a calling. From the last few years of school I could see a pathway where I could use my artistic skills to form a credible career. My profession is great. No two days are the same and you’re always learning new things. If you can stay the course through rough financial times (and graphic design is definitely affected by market climate) then the rewards will show. It has taken me up until now as a designer (and I took the long road) to feel that I can build something (business) of my own.”

Kevin received a Scholarship in Graphic Design while he was at Rosmini College and he went on to do a Degree in Graphic Design at AUT. Kevin was a Prefect although he was far from a perfect student as he recalls, “Mr. Pipes (George) twisting my ear if I talked in class: I talked a lot!” He also captained the 1st XI Cricket Team, on occasion, along with Jeremy Clarke as well as enjoying playing Touch rugby on the top field and cricket on the front assembly area. Kevin continued playing Cricket at the Takapuna Cricket Club up to Premier level. But now he says, “My wife (Deborah) and my futures are very immediate. We had our second boy in 2010 and with Sidekick Creative only launching recently we have our hands full!” Kevin concludes, “If I can offer any advice for the students at Rosmini it is to keep an open mind as to where the subjects they study might take them in the future. I didn’t know at the time that 3rd Form Tech Drawing with Mr Francis and Art with Ms. Smith would be the stepping stones for me working with the All Blacks or Manchester United!”

Man United

Tony Hutson (1986-1999)

It was with great sadness in September 2008 Rosmini College heard about the death of former Rosmini College teacher, Tony Hutson aka ‘Captain Hutty’. Tony Hutson was the HOD of Geography at Rosmini College from 1986 to 1999. He taught both Geography and Social Studies.  He had a B.A. (Hons). In the 1999 Rosminian, he was described “as a character, difficult to put into any category. An erudite and passionate geographer, sailor and photographer.” He wrote about Maritime History and was a published author.Current Rosmini College Deputy Principal and close friend, Nixon Cooper describes him as an “enormously popular teacher.” He goes on to say, “Hutty produced the most amusing and clever report comments of any staff member at Rosmini.” He wrote on a Yr 12 student’s 1998 report – “Both Andrew and I are disappointed with this mark. He can and will do better (ve haf our ways!)”. Cooper recalls the famous 1988 Year 13 Geography trip to Motutapu in which Hutty was to follow the class (who were going by ferry) in his yacht but “he was, however, blown off course and never made it. He also claimed to mark Geography assignments in the bath with a tumbler of Whiskey!” His wife, Pam was tragically killed in a car accident in December 2004 in which Tony was seriously injured. He retired to Pauanui with his daughter and her family. Tony will be sadly missed.

Dr James Church (1967)

Dr ChurchDr James Church was a foundation pupil of Rosmini College and a dux in 1967. He was also member of the first graduating class at the School of Medicine at The University of Auckland Dr Church is a fourth generation doctor and his father, Jim (86) of Milford donated the science prizes to the school. He is regarded internationally as an outstanding colorectal surgeon and surgical researcher. Dr Church has been a member of staff at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for twenty years and he is now the Vice Chairman of the specialist school. He has had numerous medical papers published and he has been named as one of the six outstanding specialists in his field in the United States. In Auckland University’s 125th year Dr Church was one of six distinguished alumnae who were acknowledged at the Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner on Friday 7 March 2008.

Fr Ernie Milne (1976-1990)

Fr MilneFather Ernie Milne was born in Aberdeen, Scotland on 10th August 1930. He was a practising Presbyterian with a great love of the bible which was very much nurtured by his grandmother.  In 1952 he decided to emigrate to New Zealand.  He lived on North Head at the immigration camp for men in Devonport for three months when he first arrived.  In 1954 he went to the Auckland Teachers College.

Father Ernie taught in numerous schools in Auckland.  He did country service in Gisborne and it was about this time that he became a Catholic.  He taught at Manurewa High School for many years.  He joined the Rosminians in 1974.  Father Milne joined Rosmini College as Brother Milne in 1976 – the year in which Mr Tom Gerrard became the first lay principal of a Catholic Boys’ School in New Zealand. He was ordained by Bishop Mackey in 1984. He was Chaplain of the College in 1989 and 1990.

In the 1988 Rosminian Father Ernie was described as along with “officially teaching C.L and doing pastoral work” he “is also ever on the hunt for good jokes and literary mementoes. His knowledge of music from pre-Bach to post-Midnight Oil is awesome” Father Milne was the last teaching Rosminian at the college and in 1990, at age of sixty, he retired and worked fulltime for the Charismatic Renewal. Tom Gerrard says that “Father Ernie touched the lives of so many people from all walks of life. He was a leader of young people – a councilor to many, a humble but very unique scripture scholar – and above all a priest of the people. At school he taught English to a variety of classes and of course Christian living. He often remarked to me of his protestant background and claimed that it gave him a great love for the scripture. Known to the boys as ‘Fraggle Rock’ in a very affectionate way; and also known for his love of music. He was never short of a few words; but the boys liked him, and old boys speak very highly of him.

Ernie died of cancer but he went to meet his maker confidently and with no regrets. I am more than confident that he is already arranging his celestial music, and hopefully will be putting in a good word for us. May he rest in peace” Father Ernie’s last chaplaincy was to the Marist Football Club on the Shore something that colleague and close friend, Father John Bland says “was amazing considering he knew nothing about football.  He was asked because of his great love to young people and his knowledge of old boys of Rosmini College.” Father Bland adds that as a fellow Resident Priest at St Thomas More Catholic Church, Glenfield “I have lived with him for the last twenty four years and he was a great example to us all.  He accepted with great patience his disabilities caused by his sickness.” Father Bland goes on to say that Father Milne “had a tremendous knowledge of scripture, the documents of Vatican II and the documents of the church in general.  He also used the Catechism of the Catholic Church in his teachings.  He was a counsellor and spiritual director to many people.  He had a great knowledge and love of music.  Baroque music had been his favourite but in recent years he developed a great love the modern classical music.  The Concert programme was his lifeline in his various sicknesses – losing his sight for a while, his stroke and finally his stomach cancer.  May he rest in peace.” Father Ernie died on the 27th October 2007. The first thing Father Ernie did when he read the newspaper was to read the Text for Today. The Text for the day he died reads “He will swallow up death forever and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces” – Isaiah 25:8.

Companions on the Way

Blessed are we who walk in the light of the Lord,
who linger over the living Word, who sit as companions at his table.

Our delight is in the love of God, we meditate on it day by day,
we are trees planted in the field of the Lord,

we are nourished by the rushing waters of the Spirit,
and fed by the life-blood of the Son.

Our fruit will be abundant and choice.
Our leaves – that “heav’n breathed
foliage of our faith” – will never fade.

We shall succeed in all we do.

Father Ernie Milne


Kevin Sheehan (1964–1967)

Rosmini Old Boy Kevin  Sheehan (1964–1967) donated a drum kit to the school on Thursday, 12th November 2009, “in the hope that someone else is inspired and reaches for the stars.”

Kevin SheehanJust before Kevin left Rosmini, at the age of 16, he started a band called ‘Disraeli Gears’ with fellow Old Boys – Antony Smith, Pete Maire and Emmett Sheehan. The band came third in Benny Levin’s Auckland heats of the 1969 ‘Battle of the Bands.’ After four years with the ‘Disraeli Gears’, Kevin joined the ‘Spectre Show Band’ who played a number of corporate gigs. They were also the house band for Radio Hauraki and they supported everyone from Ray Columbus to the ‘Chicks’. After about three years with this band, Kevin was invited to join an English band called ‘Rococo’ who still hold the house attendance record at the Mon Desir Hotel. The band was here for six months and they held a huge concert for the Waikato Students Union at Hamilton’s Claudeland’s Showgrounds which drew over 5000 punters.

Together with Gary Harvey from ‘Rococo’, Kevin went on to form the ‘Overnight Blues Band’ which then became ‘Black and Blue’ and eventually that became the ‘Sonny Day Band’. This band held down a residency at Wakefield Street’s Globe Hotel for approximately four years. After playing with various other bands, Kevin joined ‘Riverhead Slide’ with whom he played with for four years. Just before moving to Thames in the Coromandel, Kevin started singing with a ‘jam’ band in Devonport called the ‘Torpedoes’. The ‘Torpedoes’ used to refer to Kevin as “their secret weapon.” The band consisted of Tama Renata, on guitar (‘Once Were Warriors’ soundtrack, Herbs), Max Hohepa, bass guitar (‘Howard Morrison Band’), Brent Turner, keyboards and sax (‘Moana and the Moahunters’) and Richie Campbell, drums (‘Ardijah’). A regular participant in the band on guitar and vocals, and who was recommended by Kevin, was Temuera Morrison. After moving to Thames, Kevin reformed a version of ‘The Overnight Blues Band’ with various members of ‘Riverhead Slide’ and ‘Black and Blue’.

Lastly Kevin joined a country band called ’43 Holes’, which featured Craig Robertson, the only Kiwi to have won ‘Starmaker’ at Australia’s Tamworth Country Music Festival. Kevin retired from the band in 2006 due to heath problems associated with 30 years of diabetes. Although he says he has “amused himself as the occasional vocal guest of ‘Riverhead Slide’.” Kevin concludes, “Music has been my life” and he says his legacy are versions of ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ on the ‘Riverhead Slide’ CD and ‘After All These Years’ and ‘I Put A Spell On You’ on the ‘Riverhead Slide’ DVD, which they released after a live concert at Orewa’s Centrestage in 2008.

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