"Charity fulfills the law"

Kazusa Morita: Year 12

KazusaRosmini College has been a great experience for me. Before I came to New Zealand I had never travelled outside Japan so I felt anxious and nervous. However, when I arrived at Rosmini College the students and teachers were very helpful. Another International student suggested I join a sports team so I decided to play in the first 11 soccer team which is the top team at Rosmini College. I made many friends and we encouraged each other whilst playing soccer. At the end of the soccer season we won the championship and I received a medal. The tournament will be my best memory of studying abroad and through playing soccer my English has improved and I have made many friends. Our bonds of friendship will continue when I leave this year." - Kazusa Morita

Masato Watanabe: Year 12

MasatoWhen I decided to study in New Zealand I had never seriously studied English before. When I arrived at Rosmini College I felt nervous because my English was weak but all the students interacted with me and were very kind and friendly. I enthusiastically tried to improve my English which has gradually got better and this has been a valuable experience for me. 

I am enjoying my art class very much because I can express myself creatively. I also love geography because Mr Cooper is a kind person who is a very good geography teacher. At first I couldn’t understand what he was saying but now I do so I feel very happy about this. I am really keen to continue to improve my English. When I return to Japan I want to continue acting and go to the USA." - Masato Watanabe

Iverson Lin: Year 11

I have been at Rosmini College for three years. People are nice and polite. I am from Taiwan and the schools are very different there. love my new life here. I meet new friends and learn new things. For me it is another new experience. ROSMINI COLLEGE IS THE BEST!" - Iverson Lin

Howard Choi: Year 8

When I first arrived at Rosmini College, in 2006, I was impressed with how kind the staff were. My English has gradually improved this year and for the first time in my life I like going to school to meet my friends and study. I am in the junior concert band. I play drums and percussion and the teacher encourages me, so I practise harder. I also play miniball, which is basketball for children. Rosmini College has provided me with many new opportunities." - Howard Choi

Myoung (John) Lee: Year 9

My name is John Lee and I have been here for about a year. My first day at Rosmini was exciting ad interesting. At first I felt scared of talking to other students in English and it was quite hard to make friends. Also I felt confused because I had to keep changing classes whereas, in Korea, teachers come to our classroom; I am OK now. I started playing Rugby and, as a result, have made lots of friends. I enjoy school life because the teachers are very kind and people are friendly. I also did well in my exams so I am loving my new life at Rosmini college and in New Zealand .I hope to stay here until I go on to University. My goal is to be a good Rosminian." - Myong (John) Lee

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