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Top Academic Achievers (2010)

Principal, Mr Tom Gerrard, is delighted that Rosmini College has continued to maintain its “high standards” with the school’s overall 2010 NCEA results. Ninety-four percent of Rosmini students received NCEA Level One with eighteen percent gaining Excellence which is a new school record. This pass rate not only equals but surpasses that of a number of top girls’ schools.

The results for NCEA Level Two also broke a number of school records with ninety-one percent of Rosmini students passing this Level. Thirty-three percent gained Merit and twelve percent gained Excellence. Eighty percent of Rosmini students received NCEA Level Three with forty-three percent achieving Merit. Rosmini College’s top scholars for 2010 were: in Year 11 – Jacob Holden, Ray Hu and Foss Shanahan; in Year 12 – Joseph Choi, Jonathan Lee and Jasper Lau and, lastly, in Year 13 – Matthew Slijp, Jose Catapang and Hae Won Lee.

Academic Achievers (2010)

Jacob Holden received total of 129 Excellence credits particularly in Art, Maths and Graphics. He says the secret to his success was working “consistently through the year…so when the exams came I was organised and ready.” Jacob says he had initially planned on being an Architect but he has also taken a number of science subjects this year in order “to keep his options open.” Ray Hu received a total of 128 Excellence credits in English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and Level Two French. He describes himself as, “surprised and very pleased” with his results. What is especially remarkable about Ray’s results is that he spent most of last year on a student exchange in France and, consequently, he was forced to work “hard to catch up on all the work I missed!” Foss Shanahan received a total of 121 Excellence credits in English, Maths, Chemistry, Technology, Graphics and Physics. He says he “tried hard in all his Internals and learnt from what I didn’t do well in in the mock exams.” Foss says he plans to do “something involved with design.”


Jonathan Lee received a total of 124 Excellence credits in Calculus, Level Two Maths, Geography, English, Art, Graphics and Physics. He says he spent the last two terms of 2009 working well past midnight in order to get on top of his Art and Graphics work. Jonathan plans on studying Architecture at Auckland University. Joseph Choi received a total of 109 Excellence credits in Calculus, English, Chinese, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. He says was “happy” with his results and that “all the study was worth it.” Joseph would like to study either pharmacy or engineering at Auckland University. Jasper Lau received a total of 86 Excellence credits in English, Maths, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. He says he feels, “very privileged to be honoured for your work as in life you don’t get many chances to be known.” He describes his success as, “Fortune’s grace” and adds, “I had the best teachers.”

As well as acknowledging their teachers, all the boys also thanked their families for their constant support. The six students all received a special medal at a recent school assembly in recognition of their academic achievements. The school also received 17 scholarships – two in Chemistry, one in Economics, six in Maths, three in Geography, one in French, two in English and two in Graphics.

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