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Bruce Coleman (1962)

Hi revving tonguesBruce William Coleman from the Class of ‘62 recently forwarded to the school his diary entries of his first few days at Rosmini:

Jan 22nd 1962

After lunch, went to Takapuna.Went to George's & was outfitted for Rosmini College.Nearly 85 Pounds worth.Came home and spent the rest of the afternoon reading.

(Author's note: I can't believe the cost of the uniforms.That would have probably been my dad's wages for two weeks!!! Mr George, being of the parish, would have allowed the bill to be paid off.)

Jan 28th 1962

Went to 8.30 Sunday Mass.After lunch, went in uniform to the opening of Rosmini College.

Feb 1st 1962

Went to Curran's to see TV. Saw opening of Rosmini College on news. [Author's note: We didn't have the black and white marvel of TV at our place. Seems like a 4-day delay for the news to reach TV was acceptable in the early days of the medium]

Feb 6th 1962

First day at school! Rosmini College (just in case you forgot). Left home at 8.15 with P.Bailey on bikes. Bro.Tedesco taught us today & issued with books (loved the ampersand as it saved space). Quite good! Came home and did our 3 minutes homework. For some unknown reason, the first sport we played was Softball. And this 12 and a half year old schoolboy was in bed most weeknights at 8.30 [Author's note: Mums and dads please note this]

Bruce says, “I do remember the cards that we received on Friday each week. Blue (great schoolwork, good student),White (average,could try harder) and Red (bad everything.....behaviour in class,learning,tests etc). They had to be given to our parents or else!!!” Consequently he was pleased to hear that this card system is still in place for Rosmini’s current Years 7-10. Bruce continues, “I lost touch with most of my class as I became a musician in a band called Hi-Revving Tongues. Hi-Revving Tongues' name came from something to do with girls kissing boys’ ears...too much info? Strange practice, but that was the sixties! We had a single called 'Rain and Tears’ which won the Loxene Gold Disc award in 1970.I then moved to Australia where I have been in bands ever since playing up until this time last year (2009). Many Kiwis live in Perth as it is a smaller town with a lovely river and huge white beaches (and most of us grew up near water in NZ). It has temperatures from 0 to 40+ and clean air but unlike New Zealand we've had no rain for 60 days so gardens and lawns suffer and turn brown.” He says he maybe visiting New Zealand in the not so distant future as there has been talk of a Hi-Revving Tongues reunion in Auckland.

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