"Charity fulfills the law"

Newsletter (May 2011)

Dear Parents

By now most parents will have examined how their school has fared in internal and external ‘exams’ as outlined in the April 18 edition of The Herald and summarised in the North Shore Times.  Schools were compared with other schools in the same decile rating, ie Rosmini was compared with Decile 9 counterparts.  It was pleasing to note that Rosmini College compared favourably, not only with other Decile 9 schools, but also with Decile 10 schools.  In fact, in NCEA Level 1 and 2 Rosmini edged out some Decile 10 girls’ schools, which is very much against National trends.  As always, some Principals wrote into the press stating that these tables do not tell the whole story about schools, and of course they are correct, but it is still good to be on the right side of the ledger.

It is important for our students to focus on their studies in the next two terms as the last term is very short owing to the World Cup programme.  It is always a fine balancing act between our boys’ involvement in sport and the need to keep up their studies.





Senior reports will be sent home on 17 June – included with these will be instructions on booking parent interviews for 28 June.



Speaking of sport, it is very important to congratulate our 1st XI soccer team which has been promoted to the next grade division after defeating Liston 5-0 and 5-2.  I watched the first game at Liston and was absolutely impressed with the style and precision of their game.  They play an excellent brand of soccer and the coach, Mr Stanojevic and Manager Mr Roschmann are to be congratulated on the success of their team.


The 1st XV defeated St Peters 10-5 in a friendly game.  Considering that St Peters are always a contender on the Auckland side of the bridge, this was no mean effort.


Congratulations to the Rosmini swim team that competed in the Auckland Champion of Champions competition on 12 April.  Highlights were Daniel Houzet winning the Intermediate 50 Butterfly and placing 2nd in the Intermediate Free style.  Hauwai McGahan placed 2nd in the Junior 50 Back and 3rd in both the Breast and Butterfly.

The senior relay teams, consisting of a combination of Elliot Crene, Daniel Houzet, Matthew Clode, Nicholas Prendergast, Nathan Kinney and Hauwai McGahan surprised many by placing 2nd in the Open Butterfly, 2nd in the Senior Freestyle and 3rd in the Senior Medley relays.  These are outstanding results considering that Rosmini beat much larger schools such as Auckland Grammar, Mount Albert Grammar, Kings, Westlake, etc.

Other achievements

  • Oliver Tyack was presented by Prime Minister, John Key, with three major awards last weekend Outstanding Lifeguard of the Year for his outstandingly consistent dedication for the 2010/2011 season – the longest lifeguard season in the 100 year history within New Zealand.  The second award was for Rescue of the Year. This was awarded to Oliver for his involvement after the Waimauku bus crash where he coolly applied his first response First Aid Skills on the injured, and also the dying patient, until the ambulances arrived.  The third award was for Role Model of the Year, presented only four times in the history of the Muriwai Club – A great effort Oliver, congratulations.
  • Alexander O’Neill won the Junior Discus event at the Auckland Secondary Schools Championships.  He placed 2nd overall for the 13 year old boys at the Interprovincial Athletics where he represented Auckland.  Congratulations Alexander.
  • Sam Hill was selected to play for New Zealand in the U18 grade of Inline Hockey.  The Oceania Games were played on the Gold Coast and the New Zealand team brought home a silver medal.  Well done, Sam.
  • Ben Wiki won a silver medal for Rosmini at the New Zealand Wrestling Championships held in Hamilton recently.  Good effort, Ben.
  • Richard Rahardja won gold in the 12-13 years’ Male Kata and a bronze medal for 12-13 years’ Open Male Kumite in the NZ Open Karate Championships held recently in Christchurch. Congratulations Richard.
  • Chris Rahardja was recently chosen to represent New Zealand at the Gallipoli Karate NZ Turkey Friendship Cup which was held in Istanbul on 24th April as part of ANZAC Day commemorations, where he won gold in the Senior Kata.  He won 3 gold medals at the NZ Open Karate Championships for Senior Male Kata, Senior Male Team Kata and Under 78kg Senior Male Kumite and a silver in Senior Open Male Kumite.  This is Chris’s  4th consecutive Senior Male Open Kata title.  Great result Chris.
  • Both Chris and Richard will be competing at the Commonwealth Karate Championships in Sydney in July.


Recently Mr Hughes and I attended a Headmasters’ and Leadership course in Wellington and it was very worthwhile.  The keynote speaker was Judge Andrew Becroft, a Youth Court judge.  Andrew gave one of those talks where you hear nothing new, but nonetheless is somehow inspirational.  Youth offend when home and school fail to turn their behaviour around.  Family values that include good communication, sound discipline and sensible boundaries work wonders.  The role of the school is to make every endeavour to reform disruptive behaviour and use stand-downs and expulsion as a last resort.  If students, especially disruptive students, fail at school they will very often fail in society and could end up in court.

Another very interesting discussion was the use of ‘sport’ to raise academic standards.  In England they are finding that when sport was introduced to a school, and pupils were fully involved in all aspects of it, the all round academic levels were substantially raised.  I found this interesting (note: extra curricular sport in England is rare) because teachers, parents and principals bemoan the fact that there is too much emphasis on sport.  Maybe it is all a matter of balance, or as Aristotle would say, ‘the happy medium’.


In future the school will be looking to increase its use of email correspondence and we are trying to build up our database to enable us to do this.  Please send your email details to our school secretary, Sandra, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can start this process.


The Attendance Dues Sponsorship Scheme has been created to assist families who may need financial support with the payment of attendance dues, for students attending Catholic schools in Auckland Diocese, both primary and secondary.

The purpose of the sponsorship scheme is to allow parents or caregivers facing financial hardship another option to seek relief where they may be reluctant to approach their school for help.

The existing financial hardship scheme – operated by your school – is also available to parents or caregivers facing hardship and we do encourage families facing financial difficulties to please contact your school office.

Application forms are available from school and parish offices, or can be down-loaded from the Catholic Schools Office Website: www.catholicschools.org.nz (go to Property and Finance / Finance / Attendance Dues)

If you have any queries or require assistance with the payment of attendance dues under the sponsorship scheme, you are invited to phone in confidence, Carol Krebs (Ph. 360-3069) at the Auckland Diocese office.

Applications to the sponsorship scheme for 2011 attendance dues will be accepted by the Auckland Common Fund Ltd up to December 2011.

The above notice is from the Diocese and it must be noted that the sponsorship scheme only applies to Attendance Dues – the component of the fees shown on your invoice as ‘Catholic Education Dues’.

If the Diocese grants sponsorship for your Attendance Dues, it doesn’t cover either the ‘School Contribution’ or the ‘Building Fund’.  The ‘School Contribution’ comes to the school and the ‘Building Fund’ is lodged with the Bishop for school development purposes.

If you are in need of help with either of these amounts it is necessary to approach the school.


Some of the staff and yours truly attended a seminar conducted by Lee Crockett recently.  The essence of his message was that change is so rapid and technology is so pervasive and intrusive that we are all in danger of being left behind.  Our children, however, are very much aware of the digital landscape.  In 1946 a computer was as big as a building; now we have more power in a cell phone.  While accepting that technology is here to stay, and will continue to march forward, there must be a time when change will be so rapid and advanced that the market will be flooded and perhaps our inventions will no longer be useful or relevant.  There is no doubt that the digital revolution has a huge impact on our culture; however one of the educator’s tasks is to ensure it makes an impact for good.  It seems we are being swept along in what seems like a digital tsunami.

Speaking of tsunamis, I just noted in reading the latest edition of CHANNEL where one of Simon Gundry’s comments made a lot of sense and I quote:  “……… this has reminded me of the number of signs that are constantly appearing on nearly every lamp post in downtown Devonport, and the surrounding waterfront area.  A couple of classics are the “Tsunami Meeting Areas” signs at Cheltenham Beach – wouldn’t this be the last place you’d want to meet up? Wouldn’t it be better to take off to the heights of North Head or Mt Victoria? Or is this too sensible?”  I really think Simon has a point.  I must admit that the rest of Simon’s article is a very good read.


We are once again selling Entertainment Books.  The money raised goes towards our Social Justice Programme.

During 2010 the Social Justice Programme contributed to the following causes: Catholic Caring Foundation, Caritas, De Paul House, North Shore Hospice, Mission NZ, Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, World Vision, Cystic Fibrosis and Child Fund.

Through Child Fund we currently support four children in India, Kenya, Ethiopia and Zambia.

We are asking each family to consider the following:


  • Make a donation of $13.00 to the school’s Social Justice Programme


  • Make a donation that each student/family is comfortable with.

Entertainment Envelopes (not books) were sent home with each student on Thursday 12 May.  Donation or money to purchase an Entertainment Book is to be returned to Mrs Gerrard in the Stationery Office by Wednesday 25 May.  The class that raises the most money for the school will receive FREE pizza for the entire class.

All money/donations must be in by Wednesday 25 May to be eligible.

Charity Fulfils the Law

God Bless



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