"Charity fulfills the law"

Newsletter (April 2011)

Dear Parents

In my last newsletter I expressed hope for a more settled international scene; alas that was not to be.  The earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan, and a very volatile Middle East, ruled that out.  Some say an ideal government is a benign dictatorship, but we see little evidence of the ‘benign’ aspects in recent history; in fact quite the contrary.

We have completed an ERO visit recently and await their findings.  It will be good for the school to settle back into its normal routine.  I would like to pay tribute to our boys whose manners were impeccable during the visit of the ERO team.  Manners don’t cost much but they are very much part of our Rosmini tradition.  We try to live out our Founder, Antonio Rosmini’s motto, “Charity Fulfils the Law”.


It was great to see the turnout at the Father/Son Breakfast; indeed a response like that shows how supportive our parents are – well done.  On that subject I would like to thank our PTFA who gave so much of their time to organise this event and for managing a great St Patrick’s Day theme.  In fact it would not be a silly idea to hold this event on 17th March in future.

I am disappointed that Lawrence Toh is retiring from teaching in mid-May.  He is an exceptional teacher who I greatly admire and he will be a big loss to Rosmini. I would like to wish Lawrence all the best and thank him for his wonderful service to Rosmini College over the last 23 years.

As a result of the sale of ‘Entertainment Books’ in 2010, Rosmini College was able to make a financial contribution to a variety of charitable groups as part of its Social Justice Programme. These groups included De Paul House, Catholic Caring Foundation, Caritas, Missionz, Child Fund, Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, World Vision and Cystic Fibrosis.

Once again we will be asking each family to consider either purchasing an Entertainment Book, valued at $65.00 of which the school receives $13.00, OR rather than purchasing an ‘Entertainment Book’ make a donation of $13.00 to the school’s Social Justice programme.

Order forms for the purchase of Entertainment Books will be sent home with each student during the first few weeks of Term Two.
The re-enactment of the death of Jesus by the Rosmini and Carmel students on Tuesday 12th April at 7 pm at St Joseph’s Church is not to be missed.  Year after year these young people bring a great sense of reverence to this drama and I have personally witnessed some very moving musical performances over the years.  I believe that if religion is to be relevant to young people they need to be involved.  This is why at Rosmini we concentrate a good deal on practical Christianity – doing rather than talking.

No doubt you have all seen that shocking incident of bullying in Wanganui where the young girl was beaten and kicked viciously by a teenage girl.  That sort of criminal behaviour is unacceptable anywhere, let alone in a school environment.  We have zero tolerance to bullying at Rosmini and the basic school rule is to keep your hands to yourself.  At assembly today we reminded the boys of our rules yet again.

Bullying takes on many forms in this modern world.  Technology has moved swiftly, with the internet making it possible to bully in a fairly cowardly way.  It can be verbal or media-inspired, without any physical contact, but equally destructive.  In fact most bullying starts off with the mouth. It is worth noting that the recent media bullying debate was made possible by some strange individuals taking pictures instead of trying to stop the attacks.

Having said that, every school has to deal with bullying in some shape or form.  The important thing is to deal with it fairly and firmly.  In fact bullying in the senior school is very rare.  Strangely enough most of our incidents are in the junior school and are often an historical carry over from primary school days.  It is important that we continue to work towards making everyone feel safe and valued.

It was great to see a good number of parents attending this important evening.  The value of Parents Night is that the teachers can give you an early and realistic report on your sons’ progress, or lack of it, as the case may be.  The main point I wish to make is that it is sad when boys drift through the year without parents being aware of their progress.  The climate today demands some good results if boys want to be selected for competitive options in tertiary institutions.

Winter sports are again in full swing.  Once again I pay tribute to parents and teachers who devote their time to coaching throughout the winter months.  We can all help by ensuring our boys are well turned out in the correct gear and on time for the coach.

The school rugby season starts on 7 May with 1st XV fixtures only.  Grades rugby will commence on 14 May for all teams.  Rosmini will field ten teams this year.  While we have coaches for all the A Grade teams and managers for the B sides we are still looking for some assistance with these squads.  If you  think that you may be able to help, please make contact with the coach/manager at the trials which are being held from next week.

Ben Wiki of Year 9 won Gold at the North Island Secondary Schools Wrestling Championships recently.  He will go on to compete at the New Zealand Championships in Hamilton.  Congratulations Ben and good luck.

Liston House swept home on the back of fine performances on the track to win the House Championship with 2760 points, over Curran 2025 points, Emery 1612 points and Kelly 1308 points. Liston won 20 of the 36 events. 
Double winners on the day were:      
Juniors                Alexander O’Neill (100 and 200m and Shot and Discus), Finn Mason (1500 and 800m)
Intermediates                 Antonio Kochanov (400m and Long Jump), Harry Wick (800 and 1500m)
Seniors               George Muir (Triple Jump and 800m), Kevin Lyons (400 and 1500m)

Liston also won the House Spirit and participation points that combined with performances on the track to be clear winner.


Relays 1st 2nd 3rd
1500m Parlauf Junior Liston 3:52.8 Curran Emery
Intermediate Emery 3:28.2 Liston Curran
Senior Curran 3:24.0 Liston Emery
4x100m Junior Liston 0:52.4 Emery Kelly
Intermediate Kelly 0:50.1 Liston Emery
Senior Liston Emery Curran

Individual Performances -Track
100m Junior Alex O’Neill (L) 12.59 Jamie Lee Ethan Clews
Intermediate Adam Southworth (K) 11.75 Antonio Kochanov Josh Murdoch
Senior Roussin Nkoy (L) 11.37 Kieren Brand Antonio Lucero
200m Junior Alex O’Neill (L) 25.16 Jonathan Marshall Ethan Clews
Intermediate Josh Murdoch (L) 24.03 Antonio Kochanov Ben Hyatt-Brown
Senior Ryan Thompson (L) 23.29 Elliot Bryers Kieren Brand
300m Junior Vance Avery (L) 39.8 Charlie Timings Jonathan Marshall
400m Intermediate Antonio Kochanov (E) 55.63 Ben Hyatt-Brown Matthew Regtien
Senior Kevin Lyons (C) 53.72 Elliot Bryers Nicholas Koe
800m Junior Finn Mason (L) 2:33.9 Cooper Murdoch Antony Temple
Intermediate (Ben Hyatt-Brown (L) 2:17.2
(Harry Wick (L) Dead heat) Sam Pierce
Senior George Muir (C) 2:13.8 Kevin Lyons Matthew Moxley
1500m Junior Finn Mason (L) 4:49.4 James Duff Sam Babb
Intermediate Harry Wick (L) 4:31.2 Sam Pierce Ben Hyatt-Brown
Senior Kevin Lyons (C) 4:32.3 Hayden Wright Michael Timms

Triple Jump
Junior Niko Alexander (L) 10.02 Michael Li Alexander O’Neill
Intermediate Henry Pyc (C) 10.40 Alex Pyle Ethan Breinhorst
Senior George Muir (C) 11.94 Nicholas Southgate Antonio Lucero

Long Jump
Junior Ethan Clews (K) 5.05 Niko Alexander Vance Avery
Intermediate Antonio Kochanov (E) 5.11 Alex Pyc {Kevin Franklin
{Joseph Veramu
Senior Harry Bowker (L) 5.71 Mark Franklin Roussin Nkoy

Shot Put
Junior Alexander O’Neill (L) 10.56 Niko Alexander Henry Pratt
Intermediate Ryan Kennedy (E) 11.30 Matthew Godfrey Noah Howell
Senior Philip Meki (K) 12.39 Charles Elton Harry Bowker

Junior Alexander O’Neill (L) 39.24 Ari Ryan Henry Pratt
Intermediate Ryan Kennedy (E) 28.25 Bruno Gentile Nathan Manning
Senior Matthew Moxley (L) 31.60 Jellicoe Vea Nicholas Southgate

Junior Sione Telefoni (E) 26.72 Ryan Mills Mitchell Siermans
Intermediate Jack Timings (L) 35.12 Miles Broderick Nathan Manning
Senior Jellicoe Vea (K) 36.80 Matthew Moxley Nathaniel Larmer


Senior Athletics Champion: Kevin Lyons                          
Intermediate Athletics Champion: Antonio Kochanov                
Junior Athletics Champion: Alexander O’Neill

The junior athletics championship was won by Alexander O’Neill in a very close battle with Niko Alexander who placed in 6 events. In the intermediate division, Antonio Kochanov secured the championship with two first, and two second places. At the senior level there was close competition between Kieren Brand (sprint), Kevin Lyons (distance), George Muir (jumps), Jellicoe Vea (throws), Nicholas Southgate and Matthew Moxley (all round). The senior champion was Kevin Lyons.

Nicholas Southgate (Pole Vault), Hayden Wright (High Jump), Alexander O’Neill (Shot, Discus, Long Jump, 4x100m), Ethan Clews (200, 4x100m) and Niko Alexander (Long Jump and Triple Jump) represented North Harbour at the North Island Championships.

On a different theme, I read that another Rosmini Old Boy, Mark Mitchell, is entering the public arena.  The article in a recent Sunday Star Times was interesting to put it mildly.  With Joseph Bergin on the Auckland Council, Peter Marshall our Police Commissioner, Martin Snedden CEO Rugby World Cup our Old Boys are doing us proud indeed, and if Mark Mitchell is selected as the candidate for Rodney we should be in good shape for free tickets to something!

On behalf of the staff, could I wish you all a Holy and Happy Easter.


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