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Newsletter (June 2010)

Dear Parents

I thought I would devote the majority of this newsletter to the activities of some of our boys which I am sure you will find interesting.  You can find our sports and cultural events on our website, www.rosmini.school.nz but too often there is a lot taking place that goes under the radar.  So in this epistle we will have a look at our boys’ involvement in what could be titled ‘community activities’.

I trust you read in The Aucklander about Peter Keeling’s young men who did excellent work on improving the ‘landscape’ of the Bayswater cemetery.


Rosmini College was named the winner of the 2010 Enviro Challenge Competition and Deputy Head Boy, Joseph Bergin of Year 13 was selected to go on the 2010 Enviro Challenge Ambassadors Programme.  More than 50 schools participated in this Auckland-based competition, including schools from the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.  Each school had to present an environmental audit of their school, debate the merits of New Zealand’s emission trading scheme, participate in an energy, waste and transport audit race and complete a number of environmental quizzes.

Rosmini’s environmental audit took place on 30 March and involved year 13 students, Joseph Bergin, Chaim Reyno, Matthew Slijp, Benedict Choi, Haewon Lee, Jose Catapang and Timothy Shardlow, alongside Year 12 students led by Joseph Choi and Ryan Waddingham.  The students sorted Monday’s rubbish into categories to assess the school’s waste.  Year 13 prefect, Matthew Slijp, said, “Overall the event was enjoyed by all.  Once we got over the contents of what we were sorting, and its smell, it was really quite fun.  Some of the more squeamish members didn’t get used to it though.  It was very interesting to see what people were throwing away and the proportions of each type of waste.  Some perfectly good food had been disposed of.  I think we counted 59 polystyrene cups (which are not recyclable in New Zealand) and about 30 non-recyclable plastic cans.  This was one day’s rubbish.  It was an eye-opening experience and definitely worth the time.  I believe it is a good idea and certainly recommend it and the Enviro Challenge to other schools.”

The Rosmini College Environmental Council assesses the eco-friendliness of the college and improves it wherever possible.  In 2009 the group managed to set up recycling and paper recycling for the school.


School finishes at the end of Term 2 on Friday 2nd July at 12.05 pm.  As there will be no buses running at this earlier time, parents will need to make alternative arrangements for their sons.


Rosmini College’s head of Drama, Andy Saker, is also the director of Devonport theatre Company and this position has allowed him to begin a very successful Intern programme with a number of Rosmini students.  Andy is providing these students with an opportunity to do semi-professional theatre and to work with professional actors.  Rosmini College’s Head Boy, Chris Waterman, Year 13, and Year 12 students, Sam Westley and Alex de Vries were the Stage Managers for Takapuna Pumphouse’s recent production of ‘Pear Shaped.’  Year 10 students, Simon Woodard and Ryan Westley were in charge of the lighting and sound.

Chris described the play as “hard work, but exciting.  The whole experience was an eye opener into professional theatre.”  He adds that it was interesting to see how much time and effort go into technical design and set construction.  ‘Pear Shaped’ marked Andy’s debut as a writer and it was his second theatre collaboration with Robert Owens and Jed Town.  He described the play as “a vignette about an ordinary bloke in Takapuna” which “holds a mirror up to the society I grew up in.”  ‘Pear Shaped’ was favourably reviewed by the New Zealand Herald.


Rosmini College’s Deputy Head boy, Joseph Bergin, Year 13, described this year’s Rotary Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) as “full of racial slurs, flirtatious notes and declarations of war.”  MUNA was held at Auckland Girls Grammar on 28 and 29 May.  Almost 300 Year 12 and 13 students from secondary schools all around the Auckland region, from as far north as Kerikeri attended this year’s Assembly.

Joseph, together with James Wheaton and Regan Burt of Year 13 represented the country of Colombia.  He said that the highlight of the day was when Colombia attempted to have the United States of America censored, and when the Secretary General, the Rt Hon Jonathan Hunt refused, Colombia staged a walk-out with most of the African, Asian and European countries joining in.  Consequently Colombia, when they returned, received a standing ovation and Rosmini were awarded Best Lobbyist.


Kent Petersen of Year 13 was thrilled to reach the finals of the Auckland Regional Nga Manu Korero Senior Maori Speech competition held recently at Hato Petera College.  This is a public speech competition showcasing the top orators from secondary schools around Auckland.  The Manu Korero has four speech sections: Senior Maori – Pei Te Hurinui; Senior English – Korimako; Junior Maori – Rawhiti Ihaka and Junior English – Sir Turi Carroll.  Kent competed in the Senior Maori section.  His speech topic was Ko Toku Oranga Ko Toku Tuhoetanga – My Origin is My Tuhoetanga in which he spoke for 12 minutes, without cue cards and in Maori, about his family’s links to Ngati Tuhoe, Ngati Awa and his Samoan background.  This speech was then followed by a 3 minute impromptu speech.  Kent described the experience as “difficult and challenging but enjoyable at the same time.”


Here are the results of the North Harbour Secondary Schools’ Championships where Rosmini boys did us proud.

  • Nicholas Prendergast came 3rd in the Senior 50m Freestyle
  • Elliot Crene came 1st in the Intermediate 50m Freestyle, 2nd in the 50m Butterfly and 3rd in the 50m Backstroke.
  • Daniel Houzet came 3rd in the Intermediate 50m Butterfly and 3rd in the 50m Freestyle.
  • Hauwai McGahan came 1st in the Junior 50m Butterfly and 1st in the 50m Freestyle.
  • Matthew Clode came 2nd in the Junior 50m Backstroke.
  • Bruno Gentile came 2nd in the Junior 50m Breaststroke.
  • Elliot, Daniel, Hauwai and Nathan Kinney won 1st place in the Intermediate Freestyle and Medley Relay.
  • Matthew, Bruno, Mitchell Worthington and Jono Houzet won 1st place in the Junior Freestyle Relay.


Auckland Champion of Champions Competition

  • Elliot Crene placed 3rd in the Intermediate Boys’ 50m Butterfly and 2nd in the 50m Freestyle
  • Hauwai McGahan placed 3rd in the Junior boys 50m Freestyle.
  • The Intermediate relay team of Elliot, Hauwai, Nathan Kinney and Daniel Houzet placed 2nd in the 200m Medley and 3rd in the 200m Freestyle – the best result for Rosmini in some time)


New Zealand Junior National Swimming Championships

  • Hauwai McGahan took out 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.


Congratulations to all these boys for their fine achievements.


All school teams are mid-way through their competition and, as usual, performing well.  The highlight so far is the 1st XI Hockey team which has qualified for the Intercity Competition for the first time.  This involves the top eight schools in Auckland.


Jack Simpson of Year 10 won the Louis Vuitton Junior Pacific Cup recently.  As part of his prize he was 12th man on the AX Cup boat.  Jack has been selected to represent New Zealand at the European Optimist Sailing Championships in Poland at the end of the month.  Congratulations Jack – we will look forward to hearing how you get on when you return.

Miles Broderick of Year 10 is currently a member of the Muriwai Surf Life Saving Club and was voted their Rookie Life Guard of the 2010 Year, and was then nominated for the Northern Region award. Miles won the Northern Region Surf Lifesaving Rookie Award for 2010, for the second year running, which was presented at the Northern Regional Awards of Excellence ceremony held recently.  The award is not for sporting achievements in surf – it is awarded for the commitment given to life saving principles, leadership and concern for the safety of the community.

Chris Waterman, Head Boy, has been a member of the Shore Youth Council since 2008 and part of the North Shore City Council’s Youth Strategy Management Team since 2009.  Chris is also a youth representative on the Glenfield Community Board.  Graeme Hunt, a North Now Albany ward candidate for the Auckland council said that Chris would make an excellent contribution to the governance of the super city.


I recently attended an ERO conference with Mr Cooper and Mr Bell and found it very worthwhile.  ERO has adopted a somewhat modified approach where they are interested in analyzing the schools own methods of reviewing and appraisal.  There will be less emphasis on exhaustive compliance issues and more focus on quality teaching and learning.  The key issues as I understand them are:

  • What are the key things that have happened in your school since the last review?
  • What are you proud of?
  • How do you know that the initiatives you have in place to lift students’ achievement are making a difference?
  • What issues are we concerned with?
  • How have we tackled issues raised in the last ERO report?
  • What are our main priorities looking ahead?


These are good points and at Rosmini we fully realize that although we have covered these points there is no room for complacency.  The value of an ERO Review is to help improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools and it provides a useful tool that should not only confirm what we are doing well, but offer a chance to plan for the future.


Enrolments for 2011 opened on 1st June and will close on 25 June.  We have exceedingly large numbers of boys looking for enrolment at both Year 7 and Year 9 and it is unlikely we will be able to accept all those who are hoping for a place.  Parents with siblings please make sure you get an enrolment form in promptly, as late enrolments often cause unnecessary disappointment.

God Bless.




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