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Newsletter (May 2010)

Dear Parents


Year 13
We would like to update the uniform for all Year 13 students from 2011. It is proposed that they will wear a blazer, white shirt, tie and dress trousers on Mondays and Fridays. The usual blue Year 13 uniform will still be worn on the other days, so in a sense this dress uniform is an additional one, and one that our senior prefects and the Catholic Character Group have been wearing for a number of years.

It is important that we achieve a balance between updating our Year 13 uniform and not putting too much financial burden on our parents. We intend to shop around for a sensible price for blazers, shirts and trousers as our aim is to achieve this transition in the most economical way possible.

From my point of view this change will distinguish the Year 13 boys, who are the school leaders, from the junior students. One other key point is that the boys who wear the dress uniform look very smart and this reflects on their school and families.

One further point; we will endeavour to get a blazer that will be good quality and one from which, when the boys leave school, they will be able to remove the pocket badge and have an acceptable sports jacket. Alternatively, if the boys take good care of their uniform, they may wish to on-sell it through the uniform shop to the following Year 13 boys. In many ways this is a change that we should have implemented sooner.


To make the financial implications of a uniform change (introduction of blazers) at Year 13 a little less onerous, the plan is to allow the Year 12 students to start wearing the existing Year 13 blue uniform. This then gives the boys two years in which to wear the blue uniform. This will also gives the Year 12 boys some recognition as senior students and spread the cost a little.


I would like to congratulate all those involved in the production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Any musical production involves a tremendous amount of time and energy and a heavy responsibility falls on the Director and Producer, in this case Robert and Rose-Marie Letcher and Brenda Smith, who have worked tirelessly on this production. It was a magnificent show and reflected the dedicated work of a number of people who helped Robert, Rose-Marie and Brenda in many and varied ways, in particular Jane Sweeting, Phil Jones, Ewa Kus, Pippa McCallum and the Rosmini College PTFA.

I would also like to acknowledge the input of the following people, in no particular order – Sheryl Henderson, the Gunnell family, Julia Kelly, Christine Hodgkiss, Robyn Howitt, Stephen Pipes, Dany Rassam, Nick Rutter, Brett Burridge, Darren Stevens, Phil (Rigging), Michelle Wood, Nelson and Phuong Bonetti, Melissa and John Tilbury, the Van Der Spuy family, and Rosmini staff, Sue Williams, Ju Cheol Wang, Andre Basel, Sandra Davidson, Joelle Hartley, Karen Trenberth, Wendy Temm, Jan Habgood, Stephen Gyde, Stig Roschmann, Alex Breig, Nick Kozuls, Grant Richards, Sue Beach, Geoff Wood, Ian Johnson, Johannes Larsen, Jan Brady, Sarah Scholz, Nixon Cooper, Owen Hughes and Martin Rogers.

Thanks also go to those who assisted and sponsored the production in all sorts of ways – ACE Rental Cars, John Waterman, Mr Tizard, Rutherford College, North Shore Music Theatre, Central Stage Orewa, Oceania and Sue Emmitt. I would also like to thank Carmel College and our contributing schools, St Johns, St Leos, St Marys and St Josephs, who supported us and whose students really enjoyed the show.


The Rosmini/Carmel Ball was an exceptionally enjoyable event. The students’ dress sense was immaculate and their behaviour impeccable. I would like to congratulate the senior pupils of both Rosmini and Carmel for their obvious pride in themselves, and I would like to thank Mr Hughes and Mr Gale for their meticulous organisation of this event. I did not see one Rosmini young man turn up worse for wear and I am sure Mrs Deady would say the same for her charges.


Mr Johnson, the Returning Officer, informs me that the sitting members of the Board have all been returned unopposed. Therefore congratulations are in order for John Mayhew, Andy Coupe, Sue Emmitt, Bob Haddon and Gary Whetton. Owen Hughes was also returned unopposed as Staff Rep and Joseph Bergin of Year 13 continues to be the Student Rep. At the time of writing I have not had confirmation of the Proprietor’s Reps, but I am sure that the Bishop will re-appoint Mike Taylor, Shayne Doyle, Martin Allison and Tony Mullins. We are very fortunate to have a very professional and competent Board as we look forward to Rosmini’s 50th Jubilee in 2012.


The North Shore City Council were pleased with our boys’ contribution to the service, and I quote: “On behalf of the Council I would like to congratulate you on the excellent contribution to the Anzac Day service by your students, and particularly your Head Boy Chris Waterman.”
Indeed it was a great ‘turn out’ of people and it was the largest Anzac Day crowd that I have witnessed.


I do not want to write too much on this subject as most people will have seen all the schools’ results in the Herald. As a Decile 9 boys’ school, Rosmini was first in New Zealand, and on the Shore we were only two points behind the top girls’ school, our sister school Carmel College, a Decile 10 school. This is a considerable achievement because it is well-known fact that, on average, boys perform 11-15% behind girls across all deciles. The 93% pass rate we achieved put us up there with the very best of girls’ schools, a remarkable achievement. Our 2009 Year 11 were not brilliant students but teachers and students worked hard to secure those excellent results. I always say that it is good to bask in the sunshine because you cannot be sure when the weather will change.


Rosmini debating is well underway with all teams having debated four rounds so far this season. The Senior Open 1 and Junior Premier teams remain undefeated so far while the Senior Open 2 and Advanced Premier teams have suffered one loss. All four teams have a very good chance of getting into the quarter finals should they continue with their victories.
The boys have put a lot of work into debating this year, especially our Senior Open 1 boys who are determined to be the top team by the end of this year. This week the Advanced Premier team goes up against our old rivals, the top team from Westlake Boys High School.


Again this year we have record numbers of boys playing winter sports. While we attempt to engage as many teachers as we can in coaching, we still need to rely on the generosity of parents, Old Boys and senior boys to help out where they can. Let’s look forward to an enjoyable season where our boys continue to uphold our good name in all sports. My crystal ball tells me that the Rosmini 1st XI Soccer team will be the team to watch in 2010.

This year we have a record nine soccer teams, with the 1st XI and our academy teams doing extremely well. Things are looking very good for our future development.

Our six hockey teams have started well, with the 1st XI back in the A1 grade and performing above expectations. Five players have been selected for representative teams. 1st XI captain George Muir has been selected for North Harbour U18A and was recently the youngest player in the National U21 tournament where his Northern region team gained 3rd place. Michael Rogers and Luke Hawley have both been selected for North Harbour U18 B team, and Donovan Kerr-Phillips and Trent Mackie were selected for the U15A North Harbour team.

Rugby, again, has ten teams in the North Harbour competition. The 1st XV had a good win first-up against Takapuna 12-9. Other teams to remain unbeaten are the 4A, 5A, 6A and 7A.

Basketball has seven teams, again a record for the school. The Senior A team had a very successful tournament in Rotorua and surprised a few observers. The opening of the new gymnasium has certainly given our Basketball teams a big boost.

Badminton has started with eight teams competing this year. The Senior A team is winning most of their games.

Table Tennis
Table Tennis has increased in numbers from our usual four teams to eight this year.

Orienteering is doing well, with some very good results being achieved. Jacob Rennie won the Auckland Secondary Schools Junior Sprint series and the intermediate team of Jacob, Henry Pyc and Oliver Tyack came 2nd in the Auckland Secondary Schools Relay Event. The junior team of Miles Broderick, Ethan Breinhorst and Joseph Gibson came 4th equal and the Year 7 & 8 team won the North Harbour Teams event. A group of boys will be competing in the July holidays at Woodhill. Any new boys are welcome - please see Mr Rennie if you are interested.

Could I urge parents of boys in teams to remind them to honour their commitment and ensure they turn up to practice and are on time for games wearing the correct gear. A team that looks good and is disciplined very often produces the results. At Rosmini we endeavour to run as many teams of all sports as is possible, but invariably some boys miss out. Sadly there can only be so many boys in
the squad and for those boys who miss out on selection my best advice would be for them to seek a
game elsewhere, or take up another sport in the meantime.


  • Year 13 student Matthew Slijp has been awarded a scholarship to attend the Biofutures 2010 conference to be held in Brisbane later this year. He and 17 other New Zealand students were chosen from over 300 applicants from across the country. Matthew will visit the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University. Biofutures allows students from Australia and New Zealand to explore cutting edge biological technologies and apply them to challenges of varying degrees. Matthew is extremely grateful for the opportunity that the school and organisation have given him and he believes it will greatly benefit him for future applications and studies.
  • Richard Rahardja competed in the 2010 New Zealand Open Karate Championships held in Christchurch in April where he won 4 Gold medals out of the 4 divisions he entered: 12/13 years Male Open Kata, 12/13 years Male Open Kumite, 12/13 years Team Kata, 12/13 years Team Kumite. He has also been selected for the Karate New Zealand National Team to represent New Zealand at the Oceania Karate Championships in Tahiti 17-19 in September in the youngest division at Oceania level.
  • In the National Surf Lifesaving Championships held recently Hal Treves (Mairangi Bay Club) of Year 11 won a Bronze medal in the U19 Men’s Short Course Canoe; Jed Franich (Orewa Club) of Year 13 came 1st in the U23 Men’s Rowing Long Course and 2nd in the Rowing Short Course, and Kevin McClatchy (Orewa Club) of Year 12 came 1st in the U19 Rowing Short Course.
  • Sam Poulter of Year 13 has completed his Surf Lifesaving qualification and received special commendation from the club captain for carrying out two actual rescues in the late afternoon of the same day, one including a double tube tow.
  • Calum Jacobs of 10JS attends TS Leander Sea Cadets and will be part of a contingent of multi-discipline Cadet Forces representing New Zealand in Vancouver, Canada, at the Canadian Naval Centennial (1910-2010).
  • Jack Simpson of Year 10 represented New Zealand in the World Optimist Sailing Championships.
  • Joel Battersby was selected and played for the winning North Harbour Under 11 Touch team which won the National Championship at Lloyd Elsmore recently. .
  • Jake Fitzgibbon of Year 8 has been selected to attend the ACA Winter Academy (bowling) for Cricket this year.

Well done to all these boys for their achievements.


When only one person responded to the proposed clean-up of the neglected Bayswater cemetery it was cancelled. Subsequently twenty of our Year 11 boys have volunteered to help with the clean-up as a service to the community.


From time to time we are asked by concerned parents about the merits of our feeder schools. Rosmini conducts its own rigorous tests on all new entrants and the results are consistent with what we anticipate. There is absolutely no evidence of inferior teaching from any of the contributing schools. Indeed one could expect some variations consistent with a school’s decile rating, but in fact there is no school that is appreciably behind any other. In short, all the contributing schools should be congratulated for the sterling work they do.

God Bless.


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