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Newsletter (June 2008)

Dear Parents

This month has been an exceptional one for the college with the announcement of two of our Old Boys, Anthony Boric and Rudi Wulf being selected for the All Blacks.  While we were celebrating that event we were equally delighted to see Peter Maire honoured in the Queen’s Birthday awards for Services to Business.  Peter was absolutely crucial in Rosmini finally gaining a Technology Centre.  As Doug Golightly on the radio pointed out, recognition in these two diverse areas gives a nice balance to the school.  In fact we are delighted that the radio news took up both stories.  Alas the North Shore Times could not find the space.  If other local schools had two All Blacks from the same school and same club I am sure that space would have been available.

First, you will have read about North Shore Principals who rightly complained to Mr Carter regarding the fact that schools were drastically under-funded.  I was one of the fifteen Principals involved in that letter which the Minister felt was a local North Shore complaint.  However, almost instantly the Principals and Boards of most of the Auckland schools were quick to point out that all have to supplement their operations funding by hundreds and thousands of dollars each year from parent donations, fund raising and fees paid by international fee-paying students.  This money is predominantly used to support activities that are considered to be fundamental to the day-to-day running of a school.

The other side of the coin is that schools are bombarded with new government initiatives, such as
New NZ Curriculum
Mission On
Assessment Strategy
Numeracy Project
Aspiring Principals’ Programme
Pasifika Education Plan
Better Outcomes for Children (Special Education)
Pandemic Plan
Digital Strategy
Personalising Learning
Education for Enterprise
Property Handbook
School Improvement Initiative
Extending Higher Standards
School Strategy
First Time Principals
Schools Plus
Ka Hikitia
Secondary Futures
Kiwi Leadership for Principals
Student Engagement Initiative

all of which have been dreamed up in Wellington by top-heavy bureaucrats and sent in glossy booklets to schools without adequate resources to implement them.  If we really want to improve ‘learning outcomes’ of students we need to attract quality teachers into the profession, therefore we improve teacher supply alongside increasing the operations funding for schools.  It is important to remember that integrated schools like Rosmini have to find funds for capital works as well as for the daily running of the school.  Finally, tell me what other government departments have to go out fund-raising just to operate?

On Friday 20 June, Owen Hughes and I met with Mr Carter, along with other North Shore Principals and Board representatives.  We discussed funding and presented our views on the under-funding of schools.  The Minister was attentive, but pointed out the constraints on government spending.  We found him reasonable and we hope he will see a way to convince his colleagues that schools must be properly resourced if we are to do our job properly.

From all accounts NCEA and the Ministry of Education are going to review the processes for Unit Standards and Achievement Standards.  This will be an opportunity to address issues of duplication, credit parity, consistency, fairness, and coherence for all Achievement and Unit Standards on the National Qualifications Framework.  Rosmini will look forward to this Review.  In fact I am sure that there will be a clear division between Unit Standards content and Achievement Standards content.  Watch this space!

Now to less controversial matters.  We had a tremendous Breakfast Meeting at Spencer on Byron to raise funds for our new gymnasium.  Stephen Tindall, Peter Maire and Brent Lawgun were extremely well received and what was most pleasing was that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Bob Haddon, Sue Emmitt and the fundraising team put a lot of hard work into making this function a success and Gary Whetton did an excellent job as MC.  We are grateful to Johnny Magness for donating a television set which, when raffled, raised about $2000.  (I have Simon Gundry to thank for the idea.)

The senior and junior exams are over and reports are on the way.  This is a good time to review your son’s work and see how he is going.  It is an opportune time to check his homework routine and not to be fooled by “We don’t have any homework today” and check the very archaic but still popular “I did it at school.”  Sure!  What I am driving at is that if things are not going to plan, now is the time to get back on track and not in the last weeks of Term 4.

We had a very well attended Open Day for prospective pupils and their parents for the 2009 school year.  I spoke to many parents and they were all impressed with the school’s philosophy, the students who showed them around and the teachers they met.  At least eight parents took the time to write in complimenting the school on the day.  Enrolments look to be very heavy for 2009 so if you have sorted out Rosmini as your school of choice please get your application in as soon as you can as late entries may cost your son a place.

Thank you to those Year 7 & 8 parents who have initiated discussion with their sons on puberty, adolescence and sexuality.  The boys have reported that they appreciated Mum and/or Dad talking with them and discussing topics covered in Health classes over the past few weeks.

The Year 11-13 boys are also discussing sexual responsibility in class.  We encourage parents to initiate a conversation with their sons.  It certainly helps the boys’ transition to responsible adulthood.

Brendan Dalton of Year 13 has been selected to play with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra as second clarinet in their concert in the Auckland Town Hall on 29 June.  This mentoring programme is part of a mentoring scheme for secondary students.  Well done Brendan.

The school library will be open in the second week of the holidays from 10 am – 2 pm.

Thank you to New World Devonport for your continued support of Rosmini College in the Shopping for Schools Programme.  By shopping at New World Devonport you are supporting your boys here at Rosmini College.

Once again, I would like to congratulate Christopher Rahardja for his continuing success in martial arts.  He recently won all gold medals for Kata and Kumite out of the three divisions he competed in at the Auckland Secondary Schools’ Karate Tournaments.  Chris is going to Melbourne to represent New Zealand in the Melbourne International Karate Championships in July and on his return will then be competing at the National Karate Championships in Wellington.  We eagerly await news of his success.

The Rosmini College Cricket Committee is looking for new members for the second half of the 2008 and 2009 seasons.  Several of the existing committee will be moving on as their sons are currently in Year 13.  The role of the committee is to assist with the management and governance of cricket within the school, to raise funds for the development of cricket and to implement and review the strategic plan for cricket.  The committee meets monthly throughout the year.  The commitment is approximately 1-3 hours per month.  If you would like to know more details please contact either Debbie McCann ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) 479-7820 or Tony Reidy ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) 473-2935.  If you are interested in being part of the committee please register your interest by emailing Debbie McCann by 31 July 2008.

Registrations of interest for coaches/managers for the 2009 season are now being called for the following teams – First XI, Second XI and Junior Premier A (Years 9 & 10).  If you are interested in being considered for these positions could you please submit the following details by 31 July 2008.  The 2009 season commences in February 2009, although the First XI coach will be required to take the team to Australia in mid January for the annual Christian Brothers tournament held at Nudgee College, Brisbane.  In appointing the First XV coach, the committee will consider coaching experience; coaching qualifications; playing experience; previous coaching success; ability to commit the necessary time; ability to relate well to players, parents, the cricket committee; uphold Rosmini values; organisation and management skills.  For further information, please contact Debbie McCann or Tony Reidy.  Registrations of interest should be forwarded to Debbie McCann.

Finally, on Monday Father Bland celebrated a School Mass for Rosmini Day on Antonio Rosmini’s first feast day since his beatification.

God Bless.



The following boys have been selected for the East Crusader Cup Open Weight team – Conor O’Leary, Kurt Standen, Logan Turner, Harry O’Reilly, Joseph Hasler, Ben Hyatt-Brown and Jared Standen.  Fraser Conway, Campbell Brock, Mitchell Broom, Josef Foley, Latham Clark and Henry Pyc have been selected for the Under 50kg team.  The Crusader Cup is a zonal tournament contested by four regionally selected teams within the North Harbour Rugby area and is a recognised step towards North Harbour Roller Mills and Goldfields selection.  Congratulations to all these boys for their selection and we will watch their progress with interest.

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