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Newsletter (February 2008)

Dear Parents

Despite the warm weather the school has settled in with a very good start to the year by all accounts. The school leaders have been appointed and are as follows:

Head Boys Liam Thornley and Sam Page
Deputy Head Boys Todd Rankin-Hirst and Sean Ra
Sports Captains Filipo Alefosio and Sebastian Langridge

These boys will be ably supported by the following senior prefects.

Nicholas Chatterley Barnabas King
Damian Corbett Joshua Knudsen
Matthew Crighton Filip Kostovich
Peter Fevaleaki Rowan Light
Andrew Forshaw Oscar Lyons
Dominic Gundry Michael Olsen
Richard Haddon Vasanthan Pathmanathan
Sam Hanna Alex Scheirlinck
Tom Holden Hemi Thomas
Tyler Jelas Sean Wijanto

Every school has a different process for appointing prefects, but at Rosmini we follow our time-honoured tradition of the staff voting and the Year 13 boys voting. The interesting fact is that there is very little discrepancy between staff and students. Sadly, as always, some excellent boys miss out because of sheer numbers; however we endeavour to ensure that all Year 13 boys get a chance to become leaders in some area, be it sport or cultural, and very importantly, pastoral. This year’s Year 13 boys have elicited good reports that have already impressed me.

As always, I am very keen to report on our NCEA results because at the end of the day they are very important. Parents realise that we have to summarise these as the full results are like ‘War and Peace’ in volume. The table should be self-explanatory I hope.

Top Performing departments by Year Level
Level 1 Graphics, Music, Art, French, Chemistry, Accounting
Level 2 Graphics, Chemistry
Level 3 Graphics, Biology, French, Chemistry

Historical Trend (since last ERO visit)
% Pass 04 05 06 07
NCEA Level 1 75 79 80 83
NCEA Level 2 78 71 89 86
NCEA Level 3 42 57 67 81

Top Scholars
Year 11 Isaac Rosario
Year 12 Oscar Lyons (top in whole senior school)
Year 13 Samir Seleq

The reason we compare ourselves with Decile 9 boys is because it was a recommendation from ERO and it is sensible that our results should be compared with a similar cohort.

It is not my policy to single out a specific teacher regarding their results, but I will make an exception with Mr Hughes Year 13 Graphics results. Not only did his class gain 100% pass rate, but 70% of his class gained Excellent. That result is outstanding and we are talking Achievement Standards not Unit Standards.

LITERACY INITIATIVE - Getting the boys to read!
All students from Years 7-13 will be involved in an exciting new literacy initiative at Rosmini this year – a whole-school reading programme. It has been cited time and again that reading improves academic performance and in this era of NCEA where literacy and the ability to read and write is pivotal to a student’s success, Rosmini staff are determined, as always, to do the best for your son(s). To this end we are having a book drive. We are building a bank of books and magazines for our ‘sustained silent reading’ programme. If you have any books or magazines you are no longer using then please donate them to the school. The book bank will allow all students to have something to read.

If you are keen to donate then here is a guide:

  • Is the book/magazine in good repair?
  • Is the book/magazine suitable for boys? No ‘Mills & Boon’, ‘Woman’s Day’ or books of questionable moral value!
  • Is the magazine reasonably current? We don’t want your five year old National Geographics that have been collecting dust, or the six months old ‘North & South’.
  • If you would be happy for your son to read it, then it should be fine to donate.

Please ask your sons to drop any books in the receptacle provided in the school foyer.

During the Christmas holidays we take the opportunity to get into a fairly extensive maintenance programme. This largely revolves around painting, replacing curtaining and carpets etc, but this time we updated two toilet blocks to the tune of $250,000 – a much-needed and long overdue project. We are still optimistic on starting our new gymnasium soon, depending on (1) Diocesan approval, and (2) how much money we can front with. Without the generosity of people donating to our building fund we could not move forward with the necessary capital works that we need for our boys to compete.

It is important to note that we no longer think of the Technical Block as a place to make a few items like a chair or table as was the case in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Now boys have a chance to be chefs, move into the hotel industry, become designers, get a start in engineering etc. So too, the gym is not just for running around playing games. Sports Science, Health and Fitness, sensible recreational trends are now a huge industry in this era. Hence we need to be able to provide varied pathways for our boys without ever wandering from our core business at Rosmini, which is teaching and learning.

We have been updating our safety plans and wish to advise that if a Civil Defence situation arises it is important that parents/caregivers are aware that in such a situation the school remains responsible for students until one of the following occurs:

  • The students are returned to or collected by parents or an authorized caregiver.
  • The emergency services assume responsibility. They evacuate the student to a safe location.
  • In circumstances where it is not possible to return students to their home, alternative arrangements will be made urgently with the Emergency Services.
  • Parents will be advised as to the location and condition of their sons as soon as possible.
  • The school will avoid releasing students unaccompanied until it is confirmed that transport routes are safe. Parents should always check with the Police or Local Authority.

The PTFA is organising a breakfast for Year 7 boys and their fathers/caregivers which will be held in the Catcheside Centre at 7.30 am on Thursday 6 March. Please ensure that your slips are returned to the school office by 3 March. The cost is $10 for each father/son combo.

I have enclosed a notice about the PTFA AGM with this newsletter. Please return the tear-off slip to the office to register your attendance.

Congratulations to Sam Clark of Year 12 who was part of the winning Birkenhead U16 Soccer team which won an international tournament in the USA this month.

Congratulations also to Sam Robinson of Year 11 who won the NZ Open Water 5000m Championship (13-15 year old males) held at Lake Rotoma on 6 February.

This year’s gruelling event saw a healthy Rosmini involvement, with four staff members and two recent Old Boys competing. Mrs Sue Van Der Spuy teamed with her husband John, Ms Sue Beach teamed with Mrs Carolyn Mullins to compete in the two-day event and Mr Peter Keeling competed in the individual two-day event. Recent Old Boy Alex Brown competed in the individual two-day and Rory Andrew the individual one-day. All Rosminians managed to finish what proved to be an exhausting but enjoyable race. A new category named will now include school teams, so any interested senior students should think seriously about future involvement.

Finally, we had our annual school Mass last Thursday when we asked God’s Blessing on our year ahead. It was a special Mass as it was also offered for the repose of the soul of Mrs Jo Thompson whose husband Jim is an Old Boy and an active supporter of the college and whose son Ryan is in Year 10. The death of anyone is always sad, but to lose a wife at only 47 years of age, and a young mother, is especially sad. Jim and his family can be assured of our prayers and support.

God Bless


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