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2022 Rosmini College Music Department

Itinerant Tuition and Private lessons

Our itinerant music programme offers extensive opportunities in various instrumental lessons. Priorities are given to NCEA students and students who take Music as a subject or a member of the school’s music groups.

Rosmini College Music offers tuition on a wide range of instruments: all lessons are designed to be in a group.

                        Itinerant Tuition (in a group)                                            Private Individual Tuition

·   Strings:  violin, viola, cello, double bass

·   Brass:  trumpet, trombone

·   Woodwind: clarinet,

    alto and tenor saxophones

·   Guitar and bass guitar

·   Percussion: drum kits, xylophone, timpani

·   Vocal: classical, pop and contemporary


There is the option to learn these instruments privately (individually) at school. Fees are invoiced and payable directly to individual tutors. These lessons are 30 minutes long.

*some guitar and drum students will be offered a group lesson however if there is no more space, your son will be offered a private lesson. If you would prefer your son to have a private lesson, please indicate this on the form.

Instruments can be hired from school @ $200.00/2022
When hiring an instrument from school, kindly check availability with the Music Department where a separate form needs to be completed prior to obtaining the instrument. For more details please email the Music Office.

Music Administrator

 [email protected] 

Phone number: 489-5417 ext 222

Terms & Conditions
The Music Department provides rehearsal studios, administration and communicating with itinerant teachers, parents and students. If you have any enquiries, feel free to email the music office.

All itinerant lessons are taught by contracted teachers who teach at different schools. Therefore, they only teach on specific timetabled days at Rosmini College.

Music Contribution
This contribution of $100 goes towards administration, ensemble membership, ensemble tutor fees, photocopying and instrument servicing. If you would like to pay this contribution in instalments throughout the year, please contact our Accounts Dept - [email protected]

When a student is absent from his music lesson, the music admin and itinerant teacher must be notified prior to the lesson by email to the Student Services/Attendance at [email protected] or the Music Office.

Students must attend their lesson each week and if a student misses two or more lessons per term without informing the Music Department, the HOD may choose to review the continuation of lessons.

All students who receive itinerant music lessons, MUST be involved in at least ONE of music groups at Rosmini College.

2022 Intinerant Music Lesson Application Form

Music Contribution: $100 per year

Student name:                                                               


Instrument: (one instrument per application form)                                                            

Parent/Caregiver name:

Phone:                                                                                  email:

  1. I would like the $100 contribution to be added to my Kamar account for payment (     )  
  2. I will pay the $100 contribution by bank transfer to the school bank account (     )
  3. I would like to pay the $100 contribution by regular installment to be fully paid by the end of Term 4 2022 (     )
  4. Private Lessons – I understand I will be invoiced directly by the itinerant teacher (    )                                                      

Signature: ________________________________                  Date: ___________________________

School bank account details are :   BNZ Takapuna 02-0272-0330978-00  Rosmini College Board Of Trustees A/c.  

Essential payment references are:  Student ID number, Surname &  "Music Cont"

Music instrument rental agreement
2022 Academic Year
Rental terms and conditions

AnchorInstruments rental fee: $200 for 2022.             *Name of the instrument: _______________________

*Serial Number: _______________________     * Instrument number: _______________________________

Agreement for hire entered on the _________ day of ____________________ 2022 between Rosmini College (“Owner”) & the hirer named below whereby:  No instrument will be given until the completed Rental Agreement has been returned to the Music Department and the relevant fees have been paid.  The hirer acknowledges receipt from the owner of the instrument in good playing condition to be held by the hirer on the terms set out in this agreement and the owner acknowledges receipt of the rental paid.  The hirer agrees to give all reasonable protection to the instrument, to ensure its good condition and safety. The hirer agrees that it is only used by the nominated user, and no other person for the practice and performance of music.

Damage to, or loss of, a hired instrument, case or accessories, should be reported to the Music Administrator at Rosmini College immediately. In the event of loss the hirer is liable for the full replacement value of the instrument. Please check that your contents insurance will cover the value of the instrument. In the event of damage due to negligent handling, (assessed by a qualified technician), and not due to reasonable use, the hirer is liable for the full repair cost.

The hirer is responsible for the condition of the instrument until it is returned to the Rosmini College and the return is noted in our records.

Instruments must be returned by 3 December 2022, or by request from HOD Music. Failure to return an instrument on the due date will make the hirer liable to pay for the instrument cost in full.

I, the hirer, (full name) ____________________________________________ have read the Instrument Hire Agreement and I agree to abide by the regulations in it.

Signature: ________________________________                           Date: ___________________________

Instruments can also be hired from various music retailers. We highly recommend you consider these trusted providers:
Music Works                     
KBB Music                or  ABI Music    ​​​​​​​