A recent survey of College Sport Auckland (CSA) members showed 84% of members were in favour of a requirement for all students participating in CSA competitions from January 2022 to be fully vaccinated.

The CSA Board discussed the vaccination requirements for participation in CSA competitions in 2022.

Under Rule 14 of the CSA Rules, the Board of CSA has the power to amend or revoke Bylaws from time to time.  Rule 14.1 (a) notes explicitly that the Board can make Bylaws regarding eligibility for participation.

The CSA Board was unanimous in deciding to add the additional Bylaws below regarding vaccination and participation in CSA competitions.

The Bylaws will come into force on 10 January 2022.

4.5         Participating Schools must ensure that their representatives in College Sport Auckland Competitions (individual or team) are fully vaccinated.

4.6         To be fully vaccinated a person must have received all of the doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or combination of COVID-19 vaccines, administered in accordance with the requirements specified for that vaccine or combination of vaccines, as set out in Schedule 3 of the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021.1

4.7         In accordance with clause 9b of the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021, exemptions may be provided by the Director-General of Health, on a case by case basis, where a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner applies, on a student’s behalf, for a COVID-19 vaccination exemption.  Where the Ministry of Health has provided an exemption, the CEO must sight and verify its authenticity before the student is eligible to represent their school.

4.8         Failure to ensure that representatives in College Sport Auckland Competitions (individual or team) are fully vaccinated may result in teams forfeiting a match or College Sport Auckland imposing other appropriate sanctions (as set out in Rule 19 of the College Sport Auckland Rules).