2023 Subject Selection

Subject selections are open for students who will be in Years 11-13 in 2023.

The blue button, 'Online Subject Selection' will direct you to SchoolPoint – an online curriculum and subject selection programme. Within SchoolPoint you will be able to find detailed descriptions of all our subjects at all levels. Also available is information about NCEA, University Entrance, Vocational Pathways and general course selection information and tips.

The Year level buttons in red will take you to relevant pages for that particular Year level in SchoolPoint.

Selecting and submitting subject selections

To select subjects for 2023 students need to sign in to SchoolPoint, using their KAMAR log-in information.

Once students log into SchoolPoint subjects available specifically for them will appear based on their year level and current subjects. If there is a subject that the student wants to select but it doesn't show as being available to them for direct entry, students are able to apply for an exemption. HoDs will receive this exemption request and will be in communication with the student and their parents/caregivers.

Note: All students wanting to select Gateway must apply by filling in an exemption.

  • If you have any questions regarding career pathways please contact Mr Roger Latch: [email protected]
  • If you have any other questions please contact Mr Dave Pearce: [email protected]


Rosmini College's timetable is student-driven and a new timetable is generated each year based on student subject selection. Unfortunately, while we do our best to avoid them, timetabling clashes may still occur and a few students may be required to choose an alternative subject option.

Students select THREE options and ONE backup option

Please note that the backup option may be a subject that students do end up taking in 2023.

 Restriction: Only two options per learning area

Learning area: LANGUAGES

  • Māori
  • French
  • Japanese

Learning area: TECHNOLOGY

  • Design & Visual Communication
  • Digital Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Technology

Learning area: ARTS

  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Media Studies

YR 10 Only:

Learning area: COMMERCE

  • Business Studies


  • Sports Science

Level 1 (Year 11) Courses

  • Students are able to select 3 subjects and 1 backup/ reserve subject.
  • RE/ Health, PE and English and Maths are compulsory and will be automatically selected.
    • For English and Maths there is an alternative pathway for students who need targeted support. Parents/ caregivers and students will be contacted during Term 4 regarding this.
  • A Science is not compulsory but is recommended.
  • If you select General Science you cannot select Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

Level 2 (Year 12) Courses

  • Students are able to select 4 subjects and 1 backup/ reserve subject/
  • RE/ Health, PE and English are compulsory and will be automatically selected.
  • Mathematics is not compulsory but is recommended.

Level 3 (Year 13) Courses

All Year 13 students are required to study FIVE subjects as well as R.E and P.E.

The majority of students in Year 13 will be attempting to gain University Entrance and NCEA Level 3.

For this reason, before choosing Level 3 subjects, students and parents should look at the Level 3 subjects, and ensure if university is a consideration for the future, that 4 of the options chosen are university approved (Gateway and Pathways are not UE approved).

If a student has a particular career in mind, the prerequisites for this should be investigated. 

Important to note at Level 3 (Year 13)

  • RE and PE are compulsory and will be automatically selected.
  • Students need to select 5 other options they want to take in 2023.